The Problem with Downloading Free Microsoft Office Software and Apps

Free software and app downloads are risky. It’s how computers devices get infected with viruses, and personal information breaches occur.
The Problem with Downloading Free Microsoft Office Software and Apps

Although tempting, free software and app downloads come with a big risk. It’s how computers and mobile devices get infected with viruses and how personal information breaches occur. If you don’t want your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, avoid free software download sites at all costs. Think about how the risk is greater than the reward.

You Don’t Get Legitimate Customer Support with Free Downloads

Paid software and app downloads entitle you to customer support. If you skip the expense of buying these items and your hardware gets damaged in the process, you’re on your own. Few manufacturers cover this type of liability with their warranties and guarantees.

When you download genuine Microsoft Office products, and something goes wrong, you can access a team of skilled professionals ready and able to help you with the problem that you’re having.

Software Keeps Takes Your Online Safety and Security Seriously

Before you fall victim to the lure of free Microsoft Office software and apps, know that Software Keep takes your online safety and security very seriously. The products we offer are authentic and unlocked with a registration key.

They’re significantly less than other online retailers and can be digitally downloaded once your purchase is confirmed. You get access to the full software suite of programs, tools, and features so you can begin working on your next project, no matter what that may be.

Get Certified Microsoft Office Software and Apps at Lower Prices

When you buy MS Office software and apps from Software Keep, you get the same quality products that you would receive from Microsoft. The best part of buying from us is that all of our products are digital.

You won’t have to wait in line to make a physical purchase or wait days for your software to arrive in the mail.

Follow the instructions in the Email You Receive From Us

After you’ve paid for MS Office, you’ll receive emailed instructions on how to download and access your favorite programs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You’ll be able to start on whatever project it is that you need to complete at the moment.

Office is designed with personal, professional, and academic projects in mind.

Free Software is Often Infected with Viruses

Infected software destroys computers. It gives cyber attackers access to your personal information. This includes physical and email addresses as well as credit and debit card numbers in many cases.

If you value your safety and security online, you’ll want to make purchases through secured websites that can encrypt your private information.

Why You’re Safe Buying From Us

SoftwareKeep takes the precautions necessary to protect you from cyberattacks. We’re on the list of Google Trusted Stores, protected by Norton by Symantec, a Microsoft Certified Partner, and have a series of protocols in place to keep your personal information private.

You do not have the luxury of that when you download free software from an unsecured website. The information that you provide could very well be used by cyber attackers to infect your computer or compromise your bank account or credit cards.

Software is Available for Mac or PC

Get Microsoft Office for Mac or PC. The choices that best meet your needs are available from Software Keep. Get access to around-the-clock support every day of the year. We provide technical support, too, to help you work past any obstacles you’re having with MS Office software or apps. This allows you to move on quickly and complete the projects of your choice efficiently.

Choose the Version of Office That You’re Most Comfortable Using

Download Student Microsoft Office or Office 365. Having options is one of the many reasons why people keep coming back to Software Keep for software and apps. They know they can get the latest copies of authentic Microsoft products without the risk of malware or another type of security compromises.

If you have any questions about Software Keep’s guarantees or group discounts, let us know. We’re committed to providing you with the time and attention you deserve. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. It’s what sets us apart from other retailers.