Why Be a SoftwareKeep Affiliate?

At SoftwareKeep we offer an affiliate program to anyone who wants to partner up with us to earn some extra income and become part of a growing family.
Why Be a SoftwareKeep Affiliate?

Join one of the most trusted and reliable software vendors with our affiliate program. With your help, we can grow together and provide useful software to people and businesses in need of affordable solutions to IT problems.

SoftwareKeep Affiliate program


We offer an affiliate program to anyone who wants to partner up with us to earn some extra income. Content creators, publishers, and bloggers are all welcome to join the SoftwareKeep family and become paid associates.


How to become a SoftwareKeep affiliate?


To get paid, all you have to do is endorse our products and get your audience to shop at our site. You'll earn associate commissions for every sale we make through your recommendation. We win, you win, and your audience in need of professional and reliable IT software also wins.


The process to become a SoftwareKeep affiliate is quite easy:


  • Sign up. Join our growing family of social media personnel, bloggers, vendors, and publishers to start earning our affiliate program.
  • Endorse. Share our products on your platform and help your audience out. If you work in the IT field, our products will fit right in with your content and allow you to maximize your earnings effortlessly.
  • Get paid. Earn a percentage of a sale made through your affiliate link as passive income — it’s that easy!


Why become a SoftwareKeep affiliate?


We know, choosing an affiliate program to roll with is hard. You want to make the perfect choice to earn the paycheck of your dreams. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to become our affiliate, here are some things to convince you:


  • Highly rated. Don’t take it from us — take it from the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who shop with us. Our ratings average out to 4.8/5, and we don’t plan on stopping until we reach that perfect five.
  • Microsoft certified. Microsoft has certified that we are official, trustworthy, and recommended sellers of their products and services. We sell genuine Microsoft products, and you have the full backing that comes with owning Microsoft products.
  • BBB Accredited Business. At SoftwareKeep, we have gone through the BBB’s accreditation process because we want to hold our company to the highest standards of best business practices.


Resources for beginners


Are you an affiliate marketing beginner? Do you need help with getting started? Don’t worry. SoftwareKeep is here to help you get started and maximize your traffic, conversion rate, and overall affiliate marketing skills. We’d love to have a spot in your future affiliate resume.


We regularly publish articles related to affiliate marketing to help YOU maximize your income with the SoftwareKeep affiliate program. Read the following articles to get the hang of affiliate marketing and start earning big bucks by simply sharing our products:



Check out our Help Center for more useful articles.


Are you interested? Join our affiliate program to claim rewards and make passive income easy to earn. No risk, no commitment, just steady income. You can sign up for our affiliate program any day using the links provided below.


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