How To Manage Calendar and Contacts in MS Outlook

In this guide, you'll help you go beyond simply accepting, declining, or getting reminders from your calendar to managing your calendar and contacts in Outlook.
manage Your Calendar and Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to manage both your calendar and contacts within outlook.

  1. Make sure you are in Calendar, and then choose New Appointment

   b. You should then add a Subject, Location, and then the starting and ending times.

   c. If you would like to turn the event into a meeting, select Invite Attendees.

   d. To finish up, choose Save and Close or make sure to hit Send if it is a meeting.

You can also utilize the Scheduling Assistant to make things easier for you when creating a meeting. Using this function allows you to see when and which attendees are attending and which rooms are available.

  1. Begin creating a meeting request, and from there choose Scheduling Assistant.

   b. You should see a shaded area with vertical bars and that is what shows the meeting times. You can drag the bars shown in order to change the meeting time.

   c. The grid is what shows when attendees will be available. To help out with this, Outlook has even suggested times for you and gives the number of time conflicts.

Here is how to add a contact to your address book.

  1. Choose the People icon that is shown.
  2. You can then either select New Contact or Press Ctrl+N

  c. Then, type in a name and include any other information that you need to include for the contact.

  d. Then if you would like to add another contact, choose Save and New. However, if you are finished, then choose Save and close.

You can also set up online appointments and share notes with your contacts. In order to set up a meeting that attendees can remotely join choose either the options Skype Meeting or Teams Meeting button on the ribbon. This will insert a link that attendees can use to join the meeting.

If you would like to create a shared space so members can share notes, choose the Meeting Notes button. You can either create a new OneNote notebook or select a notebook that has already been created. Attendees will now have access to the notebook as a link to it will appear with the meeting request.

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