How to Remove a Hyperlink in Word

By default, MS Word recognizes text structured as Web URLs and automatically converts them to hyperlinks. Learn how to remove hyperlinks in Word here.

Microsoft Word is the leading word processor in the world and has been for many decades. Writers throughout the world use it as a regular part of their day to day process.

Business owners use it. Teachers and students use it. In fact, if you need to type something on the computer, there’s a good chance it will be Microsoft Word that comes up.

Whether you know it or not, you probably use Word.

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What is a Hyperlink

How to Remove a Hyperlink in Word

Before we discuss how to remove a hyperlink in Word, let’s talk about what a hyperlink is. Word has many formatting features that can make it very useful. The hyperlink in Word is one of those great formatting features used for many different reasons. A hyperlink is a bit of text in a document that is “clickable” and will take you to another area of the document. Hyperlinks can be used for many things, including a table of contents or for cross-referencing in a document. You can make hyperlinks that will take you to different locations in the document or to other websites.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Word

It’s easy to create a hyperlink in Word and just as easy to remove a hyperlink in Word. To create a hyperlink in Word, Go to the Word menu, click the Links, and then choose Link. A window will open up. From here, you can choose to link to a “Web Page or File,” “This Document,” or “Email Address.” In order to actually link to a place in the document, you must go to the “Home” menu and mark the text a “Heading” in the style menu.

Using hyperlinks is a really great way to add cohesiveness to your document, to include links to specific elements that can highlight a given passage in the text or link to resources you have used in your documents. Hyperlinks are an important part of many documents and serve a valuable purpose.

There are reasons, however, you may want to remove a hyperlink in a Word document. If for any reason you decide you no longer want a hyperlink, it is easy to remove a hyperlink in Word. Simply right-click on the hyperlink in question. You will get a pop-up menu. Click “Hyperlink” and a fly-out menu will appear. From this menu, you can choose to edit the hyperlink or you can simply click “Remove Hyperlink.” That’s all there is to removing a hyperlink in a Word document.

Using Microsoft Word is one of the best ways to be productive. Whether you are hyperlinking text, create complex documents, or want to simply write a quick note, there’s no better way to do it than with Microsoft Word. You can get the latest version of Word 2019 as a stand-alone product or as part of the Microsoft Office suite.