10 MS Word Tips to Further Enhance Your Productivity

Microsoft has ensured that they have built Word to cater to various users’ needs and elevate user experience. Learn 10 essential tips to help boost your productivity in Microsoft Word.
Microsoft Word tips for productivity

Microsoft Office Word (MS Word) is essential in our daily lives, hence the need to know different MS Word tips. MS Word serves as a handy tool for everyone, especially for writers, editors, professors or teachers, office staff, and lawyers, to name a few. MS Word is one of the most important tools you can use in Microsoft Office, and Microsoft has ensured that they have built MS Word to cater to various users’ needs and elevate user experience. Moreover, it covers a majority number of needs from people in all sorts of academic fields and businesses.

Every laptop owner uses MS Word to create and save their important documents. MS Word is the go-to tool to create, manage, and access pertinent files and documents that are needed for school, home, and business. All in all, over 90 percent of offices give their employees access to MS Word to leverage their productivity as the program from Microsoft is one of the most important tools for creating, transacting, and managing businesses.

Ten Microsoft Word Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

Make use of the undo and redo options

To save you more time and correct mistakes or revert a file to its updated version, the undo and redo options are the best options to use. If you accidentally delete a whole bunch of texts and captions on the file, you can simply click on undo. This function brings you to the previous version of your document so you don’t have to worry about being unable to go back to your previous text. But if you change your mind and you want to go back to an old sentence or paragraph that you deleted, you can easily revert the file by using redo.

Constantly save your MS Word file

One of the most important MS Word tips to keep in mind is saving your MS Word file repeatedly. In case your PC or laptop encounters problems and unnecessary restarts, constantly saving your MS Word file is beneficial to your work. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard work just because of a power outage or a random power fluctuation, don’t you? In doing so, you do not have to repeat everything that you have written from the start. MS Word also provide sits own recovery tool, yet it is not always guaranteed that you can go back to the exact content that you had before you lost your document.

Utilize the diagrams in MS Word

As part of our MS Word tips, utilizing diagrams in your MS Word file can bring more life to your reports. MS Word does not limit your creativity, and it can even enhance it. Using these helpful tools in your MS Word arsenal can make your report, assignment, or an ordinary document more attractive and readable manner for your intended audience.

Activate gridlines when placing a photo in your document

Another favorite when it comes to MS Word tips is activating gridlines. MS Word is a regular plain blank paper on screen that does not have any color (or is just plain white) as its default. In cases when you need to include a photo in your document as part of your report or assignment, activating the grid is a useful tip. In doing so, you can make the photo proportionate to your intended size and with other photos that you are planning to include.

Use the auto-correct tool

MS Word is capable of checking your basic grammar through the use of the auto-correct tool. It can constantly run a spell check so you can rest assured that your file is proofread properly. You can even change the language setting of your MS Word spell check. Different grammar tools like Grammarly can also be installed as another proofreading and sentence construction tool to make your document typo and grammatical error-free.

Make use of the cut and paste tool

If you are just going to copy a certain Word file or text from another document, simply use the copy and paste tool of MS Word. This will help you save more time and energy in doing your paperwork instead of manually retyping the text.

Maximize the use of different formatting style

Instead of going to the usual plain document, opt to maximize the use of different formatting styles available on the MS Word Home tab or Design tab. This will help you make your document more like you, thus making it reflect your personality.


Different MS Word tips always advance and are being upgraded from time to time to meet any user’s needs efficiently. MS Word is one of the best tools to create a document and provide compelling work that can bring you success in the long run at school or work. Microsoft Word is the most powerful word processor available, and no doubt the most widely used, so we at SoftwareKeep CA want to ensure you get the most from it. To that end, we have brought you these tips and will continue to bring you seful tips and information as time goes on.

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