Top Cheat Sheets to Help You Master Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an extensive suite of applications with hundreds of features. In this article, you'll master the top Office cheat sheets.

Microsoft Office is an extensive suite of applications with hundreds of features. Even for experts and power users, it might be a challenge to learn everything and keep it in your head. Today, we brought you the top Office cheat sheets to help you work as a master.

Master Microsoft Office


The ultimate Microsoft Office cheat sheet

Master Microsoft Office

Are you in need of an all-in-one solution for your Office cheat sheet needs? Worry not, we have you covered.

Our Expert Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts to help you Maneuver Microsoft Office article is your #1 source for a cohesive, accessible cheat sheet that you can use for just about any Office product. If you don’t have this in your browser’s bookmark bar, you’re doing it wrong.

It includes helpful universal shortcuts for all Office products, as well as small how-to sections for crucial features. This cheat sheet is perfect for beginners just starting out with their first Office suite.

Expert Microsoft Excel cheat sheet

Master Microsoft Excel

Are you an Expert-focused individual? Check out our extensive
Microsoft Office Excel Cheat Sheet that covers everything from top to bottom. You can even get some tips on what kind of license to purchase, which essential shortcuts you should memorize, and get a sneak-peek into the most useful features.

This cheat sheet is most suited for beginners, however, professionals can easily utilize it as well.

Useful Excel tips and tricks

For those who want to get more immersed in Excel and its features, we recommend 14 Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss. This is a sheet going more in-depth about some of Excel’s advanced features and techniques. Expand your horizons by learning how to do some of the most impressive tricks in Microsoft’s spreadsheet app.

Windows and Mac shortcut comparison for Excel

Did you recently transition to a different device? Do you work on multiple platforms? The next guide is for you. If you use Excel on both Windows and Mac, you might want to know that some of the shortcuts are different depending on the platform.

Don’t start to panic yet — Exceljet’s 222 Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac sheet gives you a side-by-side comparison of Excel’s essential shortcuts and more. You’ll never be confused between the two versions ever again.

Pro tip: use Shift + F to search on the page and quickly locate a shortcut you’re interested in.

Microsoft Word tips that you should know

Master Microsoft Word

Word is perhaps the most popular product in the Office suite. This means that it has a wide variety of different users, all with unique needs and purposes. Our
Top 14 Microsoft Word Tricks and Tips that you Should Know article aims to help everyone with some useful hacks, no matter what they need to use Word for.

This article covers some basic features, as well as more advanced ones that prepare beginners to become Word power users. Get eased into the workflow of Word with our help.

The Microsoft Word cheat sheet

Check out the Microsoft Office Word Cheat Sheet to refresh your memory or get started with Word. Just open this sheet while you’re working on a project and get immediate access to tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

This cheat sheet also covers some absolutely essential Word knowledge, such as discussing how the Ribbon interface works and how you can format text in your files. Make sure to bookmark it, as this will be your first go-to Word guide.

Get better at using PowerPoint

Master Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s charm is the fact that it’s easy to pick up and easy to master as well. With the help of our
Top 10 PowerPoint Tips and Hacks You Need to Know article, you’ll easily learn some advanced techniques and extend your capability with PowerPoint.

Learn PowerPoint presentation hacks

Say goodbye to boring and unprofessional presentations, and learn how to create slides that will capture your audience’s attention in an instant. In 7 Tips to Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation, we discuss how you can take things to the next level and leave an impact on your audience.

This PowerPoint cheat sheet is an absolute necessity. Knowing the key principles of how successful presentation works will allow you to create something of value yourself. Make sure to bookmark it and refresh your memory before beginning a project in PowerPoint.

The best PowerPoint cheat sheet

Of course, we didn’t forget about the beginners and those who want an accessible, compiled sheet. Have all of your bases covered with Microsoft Office PowerPoint Cheat Sheet. Learn how to maneuver PowerPoint, must-know shortcuts, and some of the basic foundations of the application.

Microsoft Outlook tips and tricks cheat sheet

Master Microsoft Outlook

Especially in the time of remote work, emailing has become all the more important. Become an expert at using Outlook to handle your virtual mail by reading and bookmarking our
Microsoft Office Outlook Cheat Sheet.

You can find everything you need here — a basic description of the software, where to find different functions, which license you should choose, and more. Of course, we also included some key shortcuts exclusive to Outlook to make your email and calendaring experience easier.

Final thoughts

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