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AOMEI Backupper Professional Lifetime

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AOMEI Backupper Professional Lifetime

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Instant Digital Download
Lifetime Product Guarantee
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  • Works for Win11

Looking for the best backup software for Windows 10 and Windows 11? Our top pick takes care of all your backup and restore needs in Windows. It's simple enough for anyone to use, even if you're 13. You get the safest way to protect your stuff, with one-click backups and easy restores. Yep, it includes the best free backup software for Windows 10, too.

Worried about switching to Windows 11? Our software makes a backup so you can move without stress. And gets your files safely tucked away, if you need them later. Dive in and keep all your data secure with ease!

- Optimal backup software for Windows 10 and 11
- Easy backup and restore function for Windows systems
- Best Windows 10 backup tool, safeguarding data seamlessly
- Ideal free backup software choice for personal Windows use
- Advanced backup features: system, file, disk, partition
- Synchronize files for perfect data duplication
- Clone systems/disks efficiently, upgrading made simple
- Flexible, scheduled backups for ongoing protection
- Comprehensive solution for diverse data safety strategies

Protect Your Data All-round

AOMEI Backupper Professional is a trusted and reliable Windows backup and restore software to help users continuously protect data with its robust features.


Here are some important features of AOMEI Backupper Professional:

Data Backup

  • File Backup - Backup files and folders to various storage devices to protect data and ensure you always have a copy for disaster recovery. Supports manual and automatic backup.
  • Disk Backup - Protect data and system on the drive by backing up one entire disk. Supports backup of multiple disks simultaneously.
  • System Backup - Backup operating system and boot-related partition or files required to boot Windows, installed programs, and files stored on the system drive. Fully back up your original system and update to Windows 11 risk-free!
  • Partition Backup - Backup one or more partitions to ensure data is safe on the partition, including dynamic disk volumes.

Powerful Sync for Files & Folders

AOMEI Backupper Professional is also a file sync software for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP to make an exact copy of files and store them in different locations to safeguard data.

  • Basic Sync- Sync files from the source directory to the target directory to make exact copies for data protection.
  • Real-time Sync - Monitor changes in real-time and sync newly added, modified, and deleted files to the target directory immediately when detected.
  • Mirror Sync - Any newly created folders, changes, or deletions in the source directory will be copied to the destination directory, and the newly added files or changes in the destination will be deleted. 
  • Two-way Sync - Always ensure the source and target directory files are identical.

Safe Clone on OS & Disk

AOMEI Backupper Professional is still a robust disk cloning software to simplify computer disaster recovery without downtime.

  • Disk Clone - Clone entire disk including the operating system, and then replace damaged/old disk directly.
  • System Clone - Clone everything required to boot Windows, installed programs and files saved in the system drive or dynamic disk system volume.
  • Partition Clone - Clone the selected partition for data migration, including dynamic disk volumes.

Diversified Data Protection Strategies

AOMEI Backupper Professional still offers users excellent additional features to make backup & restore, sync, clone, and system maintenance easier.

  • Schedule Backup - Backup only changed data with daily/weekly/monthly incremental or differential backup, or use event triggers or USB plug in to perform specific backup.
  • Backup Scheme - Automatically delete old backup images based on automatic backup cleanup methods (the backup cycle or the number) to save backup disk space.
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore - Restore to a computer with different hardware without boot issues, such as CPU or motherboard.
  • Create Bootable Media - Create a WinPE or Linux bootable media to restore from backups when Windows won't boot.
  • Pre/Post Command - Operate the specified program or script before or after backup or sync.
  • Email Notification - Inform users of the backup/sync completion status, whether it succeeds or not or requires human intervention.
  • Image Management - Manage images as needed, including checking images, exploring images, encrypting images, compressing images, splitting images, and exporting/importing backups.
  • Backup Task Management - Make your task or operation clear by comment backups, edit backups, and log management.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 11 is supported; Windows Server 2003 to 2022 all editions.
  • Storage: 300 MB of available disk space for installation
  • CPU: 500 MHz x86 or compatible CPU
  • RAM: 256MB RAM memory
  • Mouse or other pointing devices (recommended)
  • Optional: DVD/CD-RW Drive. Bootable Rescue Media can be created using either a DVD/CD-RW drive or USB memory stick

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