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EaseUS Disk Copy Pro (Yearly Subscription)

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EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition is a reliable and user-friendly software that allows users to clone and copy their hard drives and SSDs with ease. With its intuitive interface, users can easily create a full backup of their system, migrate their data to a new hard drive, or upgrade their existing disk without losing any data.

  • Lightning-fast Disk Cloning Software on PC/Laptop
  • Perfectly compatible with Windows 11
  • Make the upgrading of hard drives and SSDs faster and easier
  • Quickly migrate data from one PC to another
  • Effectively create a local backup of hard drives

Here are the Key features

Best Disk Cloning Software That Offers Great Value for Money

  • Fast: A faster cloning speed than other tools, requiring less time to clone a hard drive.
  • Flexible: Clone only OS or clone only used sectors of the source disk to a smaller SSD.
  • Safe: Your computer can be booted from the cloned disk successfully.

Upgrade Hard Drive Without Losing Data

To resolve a low disk space issue on a computer, nothing is more helpful than replacing the current hard drive with a newer and bigger HDD/SSD. Cloning a disk ensures a smooth upgrade from one hard drive to another as it copies files, programs and OS as they were.

Migrate Windows 10/11 Without Reinstalling

No one is willing to spend time and money to reinstall an operating system, particularly when Windows 10/11 takes forever to startup. The disk cloning software can easily migrate Windows installation from HDD to SSD, or SSD to another SSD of SATA/M.2/NVMe type.

Replace Failing Hard Drive for Complete Data Recovery

Losing access to data on a failing hard drive? The expert approved way to recover data from a failing or even dead hard drive is to create a disk image of the bad one to a new healthy drive with the help of disk cloning software.

Clone An Old HDD/SSD to A New Computer

When you build a new PC, it's a great idea to clone all data, files and OS on your old computer's hard drive to another, and boot your new computer from the cloned hard drive to avoid a new round of reinstallation.

Transfer Data from One Drive to Another in Your Pocket

Here's a common scene: you heavily rely on a drive partition for your study, work or entertainment but it's located in a computer. Taking a laptop is not possible but you can clone this part of computer drive partition to another external device to carry along.

Create A Complete Backup for Instant Restore

You can clone your hard drive to serve as a backup. If the original hard drive fails, you can swap it out with the backup drive immediately. Without the time-consuming data restore process, everything remains there and all looks farmilar on the original drive.

Quickly Restore A Complete and Working Version of Your Operating System

Clone Hard Drive for Backup and Recovery

Copy your entire hard drive to back up your files & folder, applications, and computer registry, in order to restore a complete and working version of your operating system in the event of hard drive failure or software problems.

Create WinPE Bootable Disk

Creating a USB bootable device allows you to boot a crashed computer and boot a computer without OS via a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. It can readily be used to install a primary operating system, provide troubleshooting options or perform recovery of system data when Operating System crashes.

Best Software to Clone Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

For most disk cloning software, the cloning procedure will be interrupted immediately once your old hard drive is diagnosed with bad sectors. But EaseUS Disk Copy is an exception. Its "sector-by-sector clone" feature can clone HDD or SSD with bad sectors to another disk. When the software detects blank bad sectors from the source disk, it will clone hard drives by skipping the bad sector without interruption.

Here are the system requirements

a. File system: FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS
b. CPU: at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 1 GHz.
c.300 MB mini space.

System Requirements

The list below shows the necessary requirements needed by Disk Copy.

  • CPU: at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500 MHz.
  • Disk space: 1GB or higher memory.
  • PS/2 or USB mouse.
  • PS/2 or USB keyboard.
  • RAM: at least 1GB

Supported Operating System

  • Windows XP x86/x64
  • Windows Vista x86/x64
  • Windows 7 x86/x64
  • Windows 8 x86/x64
  • Windows 8.1 x86/x64
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Supported Files System


Supported Hardware

Disk Copy can be used to copy data among the following types of devices: IDE HDD, SSD, USB HDD, SCSI HDD, SATA HDD, Fire wire (IEEE 1394) HDD, etc.

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