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Logitech Gaming G840 XL - Mousepad

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  • Features an Extra Large Mouse Pad
  • Logitech G840 pad is built to last and doesn’t wear out easily
  • 840 gaming mouse pad features a performance-tuned texture

There’s no overwhelming reason you shouldn't like this jumbo mouse pad, just a selection of small ones that together build up into a substantial improvement over working on the bare surface of a desk.

Make sure you're gaming smoothly with the Logitech XL Gaming Mouse Pad. The extra-large and comfortable surface extends across the desktop to support the mouse and the entire keyboard. You’ll find more comfort and options in the keyboard position without interfering with your mouse. G840 gaming mouse pad features a performance-tuned texture for consistent sensor imaging and peak cursor accuracy. 

The surface is also designed for the right friction level to enable targeting by feel and optimize both high-speed flick precision and low-speed control. The rubber base maintains stability during intense gameplay. G840 gaming mouse pad is also durable and flexible enough to be easily rolled up for transport. 

Take control and comfort with you both your mouse and keyboard.


  • The surface texture. It’s nice. Never underestimate the simple tactile appeal of a well-engineered piece of synthetic cloth. The finish here is somewhat similar to what you’d feel under your hand on a pool table: just the right amount of friction to feel nice and to provide a predictable motion and acceleration of the mouse.
  • It doesn’t gather dust. This mouse pad seems almost immune to the dust accumulation that builds up everywhere else on my desk and at home. Keeping the Logitech pad clean is a much easier task than wiping the desk every few days.
  • The keyboard and mouse are on the same level. Perhaps the biggest annoyance with most mouse mats is that they’re either not big enough or they’re so big that they force the keyboard to an uncomfortable position. With Logitech’s XL alternative, keyboard and mouse sit side by side in harmony, and you’ve got a good mousing surfacing right up to the very edge of my keyboard.
  • The base stays in place. All of this would be meaningless if the Logitech mat slipped around a bunch, but it doesn’t. The thing stays exactly where I lay it down as if it were glued into position. That’s what 3mm of rubber will do for you.
  • Extra Large Mouse Pad: Logitech G840's extra large gaming mouse pad unifies the desktop into one gaming surface. The consistent height across your desktop allows you to place your keyboard in far more positions without interfering with your mouse for added comfort and options.
  • Performance-Tuned Surface: G840 gaming mouse pad has a surface texture that delivers the optimal contrast for translating mouse movement into cursor movement even at high speeds. This performance-tuned surface provides peak accuracy and consistency for gaming mice.
  • Moderate Surface Friction: Consistent surface friction gives you feedback to “feel” mouse movement—allowing you to accurately target using muscle memory and optimize both high-speed flicks and low-speed control.
  • Rubber Base Keeps It in Place: Low DPI gamers make sweeping, fast hand movements, especially during intense gameplay. The rubber base keeps the entire surface in place, providing stability and preventing the cloth from bunching up to maintain smooth mouse movement.
  • Durable Tube for Transport: It’s not wearing out. Logitech G840 pad is built to last and doesn’t wear out easily.G840 gaming mouse pad is durable and flexible enough for easy travel with an extra-large mouse pad. Just roll it up into a small roll and place it back into the included transport tube. Take mouse and keyboard comfort with you.

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