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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 1 Device CAL - Open Business

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 1 Device CAL - Open Business

$56.99 USD $89.00
35% OFF

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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is one of the core virtualization technologies available in Windows Server Microsoft during the whole progression procedure. The goal is to provide the best virtualization platform that can accelerate, as well as extend, desktops and other application deployments within the data center to any and all of your devices.

Remote Desktop Services allows you to access application data as well as even have an entire desktop that is running on a remote computer over different networks.

Remote Desktop Services allows the individual applications to run on a different server instead of the user's workstation. Why this is salient is because remote desktop services can merely send your screen images to your team members or to your other devices.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Best Server OS I've Ever Installed

“Server 2012 R2 Standard (2CPU/2VM) is the best you can get currently depending, of course, on your purpose for the OS. Installation was a breeze and insanely faster than prior MSoft Server OS's. It's lightweight (for Windows) until you load up all the server roles you may need, but the whole point of this license is to allow you to keep the OS lightweight by Virtualizing other machines and having the jobs spread out!

In my case, I have a Server with Server 2012 Datacenter installed and set up as a VM host using Hyper-V. I have 8 VM Servers spun up within this server to deal with specific tasks. DNS + File/Print, RDS, SQL, 2 separate IIS, and 3 separate Apps (one archive). A couple of these servers are 2008R2, one is 2003, and the rest are 2012R2. With the future growth of our company, we will have another Server with just as many, if not more, resources available so we can move VMs around and free up space while adding more VMs to accommodate other needs.

There's not much more I can tell you about the OS other than my experience, which has been great thus far, so if you're not sure if this is the right OS to fit your needs now and future, you should contact an IT Professional and have them assess if it's overkill or if it will be ideal for your situation. Clever Google searching and reaching out on various forums online may also provide useful information.

This purchase was nerve-racking as I’ve never bought a Server license from Amazon. I felt like anything that could go wrong would, and the first disk I’d gotten was that problem I was looking for. I could only get the product key to activate on ONE Virtual Machine (VM). The second VM I was trying to activate was not working. I even had someone else try activating it through PowerShell and had no success. I brought this to the attention of the seller who quickly sent me a new disk with a new product key. The new key worked as expected on both VMs and as a bonus, I got to keep the other copy to use on a testing VM I’ve wanted to spin up for a while! - PhotoDorer.

Best Windows Server Ever

“Server 2012 seems to be one of the better server platforms that I have had the opportunity to use. I have used it on pre-built machines before this one was my first fresh build. The install and setup were very easy and straight forward. I continue to find new features in 2012 that are going to be very useful. My only dislike for this platform is the tablet styling, I was never a fan of it since it came with windows 8. But all in all a very good product.” - Kristy

Windows Server Keeps Improving

"This software is very intuitive. I love the server manager with all it's information center. I also love the fact that you can install the Essentials Experience use the essential features while also being able to access the Server features on the standard old style." - Maxbit S.

If you are looking to accelerate your business and take it to a whole new level, then you will fall in love with this program. The ability to transfer and work on information the fly will prove to be invaluable for not only growing your business but also for scaling it as well.

Some Features You Can Expect

  • Supports 1 Local Device
  • Digital Delivery / in about 5 - 7 Business Days Estimated Delivery Time
  • 1 Installation per Device License
  • Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • Open Business Licensing
  • Includes 1 Device CAL

What You Can Expect

Add More Devices To Your Server Environment
One of the hallmark features of this edition is that this product is an open license for a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal add-on for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (sold separately) which allows you to add more devices to your server environment.

New Layers Of Security
The system brings great new layers of protection to the table as well as possesses Azure-inspired innovation for your applications and your infrastructure that can later transform the way you do business.

Access To Earlier Version
A Windows Server CAL allows you to access any edition of Windows Server of the same or earlier version.

Access To Multiple Licenses
Each Windows Server CAL provides you access to multiple licenses of Windows Server.

CAL Requirements
The Windows Server 2016 licensing model includes both Cores and Client Access Licenses (CALs).

  • Standard
  • Datacenter
  • Multipoint

Each user, as well as their device, have access to a licensed Windows Server Standard, Datacenter or Multipoint edition which will require a Windows Server CAL, or a Windows Server and a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CAL.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
Instead of paying the full price for a new Windows Server virtual machine, you will only pay the base to compute rate. When you are ready to shift and change workloads to the public cloud, you can leverage your existing investment in Windows Server.

The Azure Hybrid Use Benefit lets you bring your on-premises Windows Server license with Software Assurance to Azure.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 1 Device Cal - Open Business:

  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows Server 2016
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 32 GB
  • Minimum Memory: 512 MB
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.4 GHz

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