How to Collaborate in Microsoft Outlook

Get beyond replying to emails. Be creative and bring your teams together using Outlook. Here's how to collaborate in Outlook more effectively.
Collaborate in Microsoft Outlook

Collaborating on Outlook is one of the most efficient ways to work on documents with others; however, it can be quite difficult for those who are not accustomed to how Outlook works. This article will walk you through the steps of how to collaborate in Outlook.

How to Open or Attach a File in Outlook

To begin collaborating on a single document, you must first attach a document within an email on Outlook and include everyone you are working with. Make sure the attachment is uploaded to OneDrive before you start working and send it to everyone who is working on the document. Alternatively, if you have been sent an email with an attachment from anyone you are collaborating with, open the attachment to begin working.


The attachment must be stored within OneDrive in order for everyone involved to see the file. In order to figure out whether or not the attachment is already stored on OneDrive, simply make sure that the attachment has a cloud icon on it. If it does not, you will have the option to store it to OneDrive and work on it from there.


In order to collaborate properly on the attachment with others, you must also be able to set up and attend meetings with other members working on the attachment. You can choose to meet up in person outside of working on the document remotely, but Outlook also has the option to hold meetings through Skype and let you and everyone working on the document take meeting notes on the same document.

How to schedule meetings in outlook

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