How to Uninstall Microsoft Office Software

Has your Microsoft Office developed bugs or got corrupted? If, Yes. Learn how to Uninstall Microsoft Office before doing a fresh installation here.
How to Uninstall Microsoft Office Software

Sometimes, if your Microsoft Office software develops some bugs or gets corrupted, you'll keep getting error messages whenever you try using it. In this case, you may want to uninstall your Office program and do a fresh installation after. Also, if you’re planning to upgrade to a different version of Office, it may help to uninstall the original version first before installing the new one.

One of the most common ways to uninstall programs on Windows operating systems is through the Windows Control Panel.

If this doesn’t work, however, Microsoft has developed an Uninstall or “Easy Fix” Tool for Office, which you can try. The tool is freely available from Microsoft online and you can find a direct download link for it here.

If neither of these options work, then try uninstalling Office manually using our handy guide here.

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