How To Use OneDrive To Upload Files and Folders

Learn how to upload files and folders to OneDrive, so you can get to them from anywhere using any device in 3 easy steps. Click here to learn more.
How To Use OneDrive To Upload Files and Folders

Knowing how to use Onedrive to your advantage would certainly streamline your work and personal life a lot better. One of the great ways you can utilize Onedrive is to upload files and folders

Doing this will allow you to have access to your files from anywhere, using almost any device.

Here are instructions on how to do so.

Steps to Upload Files and Folders

How to use Onedrive to upload files

  1. In order to upload files, using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, select Upload and then select Files.
  2. Choose the specific files that you would like to upload
  3. Select the open option

Note: You can also achieve the same goal by opening File Explorer, next select the files you would like to upload. Then drag these files to Onedrive so that you can use them for business purposes.

Using Other Browsers

You can also upload files using other browsers. Here are the steps in order to do so.


  1. Navigate to New and then select Folder in order to create a new folder.
  2. Select the files from the folder that you would like to upload
  3. From there, you will need to drag the files and drop them into the new file that you have just created in OneDrive.

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