What is StaffHub and What Does It Have to Do with Office 365?

Are you a shift worker with a changing schedule? Do you work in retail, hospitality or the restaurant industry? Are you an Office 365 subscriber?
What is StaffHub and What Does It Have to Do with Office 365?

Are you a shift worker with a changing schedule? Do you work in retail, hospitality or the restaurant industry? Are you an Office 365 subscriber? If you answered “Yes!” to these three questions, Microsoft’s StaffHub app will interest you.

The App Preview Last Fall Was Successful

The program was previewed last fall and has had over 1,000 businesses sign up for it since. Companies such as a large winery in California and a hospitality company use it to stay fully staffed. Office 365 General Manager Bryan Goode believes that the app couldn’t have come at a better time because it reaches an untapped market.

Microsoft is Tapping Into an Untapped Market

As reported by TechCrunch, he said, “There’s half a billion frontline staff workers in the world. Most companies, though, haven’t actually provided digital tools for these folks…but companies are starting to recognize the benefits of moving some of these offline processes and taking them online.”

Say Goodbye to Paper Scheduling

StaffHub eliminates the need for paper schedules by putting them online. Managers can use the web version of the application to create schedules and employees can see when they’re working by pulling up the app on their phones. This saves both parties time.

Label Shifts with Tags and Colors

Managers can differentiate shift types by adding custom labels such as “day,” “opening,” and “night”. They can color code shifts and even add notes stating what needs to be done by the employee during that shift. Employees can view daily, weekly, and monthly shifts as needed so they’re able to plan accordingly.

Staff Makes Time Off Requests and Shift Swaps Through the App

They can also put in for time off, vacations, and sick leave, too, making it a valuable tool for communication. Staff can chat amongst each other, and managers can share work-related resources through SharePoint or videos through Dropbox. Staff can see the files easily because they are displayed inline when clicked.

Similar to Slack Feature-Wise

Microsoft has big visions for StaffHub’s future. It sees it having a time-clock application much like Slack one day. Reviewers find the two applications very similar to one another, anyway.

The nice thing is that if you’re already using Microsoft software and apps, you’re familiar with how they work and how often they update. Using StaffHub becomes ever easier for you and your employees. You know where to find new information about the app so that you and your staff can continue to use it without a lot of effort.

Push Notifications Alert Users to Updates

With StaffHub, staff can swap shifts. They receive push notifications if their time off requests have been approved. They’re also alerted to other types of updates, private notes, and chats.

The Software is Available for Multiple Languages to Meet User Needs

The software is available for the web, iOS, and Android. It supports the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, and Danish. That means that many different language speakers can make good use of the app.

StaffHub is Part of Office 365 Commercial Plans

It’s part of Office 365 commerical plans. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one for your business and start encouraging your staff to use the app right away. It’s designed to save you time and make you money by ensuring that all your staffing needs are met so you can deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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Make StaffHub a Tool That You Use to Better Your Business

Start using StaffHub to simplify communications between your employees. Make life simpler by having one place where everyone goes to view schedules, put in time off requests, and swap shifts. It’s meant to save you time by taking care of some of the administrative work you and your managers were once responsible for doing yourselves.