What’s New with Microsoft Excel 2016?

The Ultimate Guide to Using Microsoft Excel. All the formulas, functions, shortcuts, and tips you need to master Excel. Let's see what's new in Microsoft Excel app 2016.
What’s New with Microsoft Excel 2016?

Microsoft has released the most advanced version of MS Excel. Included in the new Office 2016 along with Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, the spreadsheet software offers new attributes and a modern design that will enhance your MS Excel experience.

Here are 6 of the new features of MS Excel that will surely help you make your worksheet more accurate, presentable, and worth sharing:

New Charts

MS Excel has added 6 more charts to make your worksheet more recognizable and convincing through data visualizations. Select the data you want to graph to create a chart, then click the Insert tab. Click Recommended Chart and select your choice of design.

3D Maps

This new feature helps you design temporal and geographical data. The information can be placed on a customized map or a three-dimensional globe. 3D Maps can be found on the Insert tab within the Tours group.

My Cashflow and Stock Analysis Templates

These new financial templates will help you follow your expenditures and earnings.


You can now share and work with the spreadsheets and your friends through cloud storage applications like OneDrive and SharePoint.

Tell Me Box

This command button will let you complete tasks faster by typing a word or phrase on the box. This new feature can be found beside the View tab. It's also available in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Ink Equation

You can now write down complicated equations on the Equation editor through the mouse, stylus pen (if your device has a touchpad), or your finger. Find this feature by clicking the Insert tab, then the Equation in the Symbols group, and proceed to Ink Equation.

Microsoft Excel 2016 is indeed a great platform for creating spreadsheets. With its new features, the software application is beneficial not only to specific people but to everyone.

You can use the all-new MS Excel by downloading Office 2016 here!