Which Web Browser Should You Be Using in 2023? (Updated)

Check out our top picks for the best browsers in 2023 for surfing the internet quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.
Browsers to use

You know the saying — new year, new me. But is it time for a new web browser? Check out our top picks for the best applications for entering the online world and surfing the internet quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

Most people tend to stick to the first browser they fell in love with, usually one of the popular picks such as Google Chrome or Safari. But there are many more options out there you might’ve never heard of, with features that could benefit you more than the current browser you’re accustomed to.

Best Web Browser in 2024

In this article, we compiled a list of the top web browsers recommended by experts, power users, and regular users. Our review provides a great way to get a sneak-peak of each browser and potentially find a better fit for your unique needs. Let’s get right to SoftwareKeep’s top web browser list, updated for 2024.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Even in 2023, Google Chrome remains one of the most popular browsers on the scene for both Windows and Mac users as well as other operating systems. It’s innovative, easy to install, and gets the job done. With a huge library of user-made and official extensions, you can pretty much create your very own customized browser with a fast and reliable engine at its core.

Google Chrome allows you to sync data across as many devices as you wish, making it simple to jump from one computer to another and even browse on the go. It offers all the functionality you’d expect from a browser in 2023 - quick loading times, extensions, bookmarks, themes, and a customizable home page.

The downsides might be a dealbreaker for some - Google Chrome is notorious for using up a ton of your device’s resources, which is an evident issue on computers. Users have also raised concerns regarding privacy policies, tracking, and recent data leaks. If you’ll spend 2023 with Google Chrome, we definitely recommend investing in a good antivirus for much-needed extra protection.

Download the Google Chrome browser by Google


  • Quick startup with tab restoration from the previous session
  • Fast website rendering and load speed
  • Easy sync between PC and smartphone
  • Extensive library of add-ins (Chrome Extensions)


  • Very resource-heavy
  • Privacy concerns


2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozila Firefox

People often think that Chrome is the “best” browser, however, Firefox was the first real contender to show that the statement is, in some way, incorrect. Each browser offers a different experience, different features, and unique policies that appeal to a broad variety of users. Mozilla’s browser was one of the first ones to show this to the general public.

With a comfortable interface, quick engine, and incredible developer tools, Firefox is the #1 choice of many users for 2024. While its speed isn’t up to par with Chrome, it excels in different areas and improves on things Google has yet to do. For example, Firefox offers much better and safer privacy, image scaling, font rendering, and incredible customization options.

As opposed to other browsers, Firefox also manually filters the available add-ons, removing suspicious and dangerous entries before they make their way to the public library of extensions. This eliminates huge privacy and safety risks. If you’ve always used Chrome before, we definitely recommend giving Mozilla Firefox a chance - it may just open your eyes to the many options out there.

Download the Mozilla Firefox browser by Mozilla Foundation


  • Great privacy practices
  • Customizable and open-source
  • Curated add-ons
  • Great tab management with lazy loading


  • Slightly slower than Google Chrome
  • Incompatible with some web apps
  • Possible memory leaks


3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s first attempt at creating a browser was quite infamous as a failure. However, by now, Internet Explorer has come far and underwent a large-scale revamp along with the rebranding to Microsoft Edge.

Despite its rough beginning and criticism during the early years, Microsoft has developed a browser that genuinely is one of the best options available now. It’s fast, light on your resources, and continuously gets upgraded with features and improvements provided by the community.

Of course, it’s not perfect. Most users will tell you that the user interface is a little clunky and too focused on touch users. Some might complain about the lack of customization. But we can all agree that Edge is on the right track to becoming a huge success in the web browser field.

Download the Edge browser by Microsoft


  • Extremely good memory management
  • Built-in Read Aloud feature with natural voices
  • Productivity tools


  • Clunky user interface aimed towards touchscreen users
  • Poor bookmark syncing


4. Opera and Opera GX


Opera’s developers offer two different browsers: the regular Opera, as well as the new gaming browser, Opera GX. They’re both extremely great options when it comes to speedy browsing while keeping your computer’s resources available for other tasks. Opera GX even comes with built-in limiters for RAM usage, CPU usage, and network usage.

The integrated and customizable shortcuts for web applications such as WhatsApp Web, Discord and Facebook Messenger make communicating easier, straight from your browser.

On the flip side, users are concerned about the company’s privacy policies and even suspect that your data might be sold on the market. If you find this uncomfortable, we recommend to look through the other browsers on our list before settling with Opera.

Download the Opera and Opera GX browsers by Opera Software


  • RAM, CPU and network limiter (GX only)
  • Modern, clean interface with animations
  • Supports Chrome extensions via add-on from the Opera Store


  • Privacy concerns about data selling
  • Some extensions don’t work properly or lack updates
  • The built-in ad blocker is clunky


5. Safari


Apple users should definitely be familiar with Safari - it’s the default browser on every device they produce. Despite being a default, it’s one of the best choices to stick with if you’re a Mac, iPhone or iPad user. Optimized to perform well on these devices, the browser is quick, attractive and readily available.

However, unless you use an Apple device, getting a hold of Safari is just about impossible. For example, Apple discontinued the browser on Windows, leaving only obsolete versions available for the system.

Download the Safari browser by Apple


  • Innovative and modern user interface
  • Comes pre-installed on your Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Optimized for performance


  • Obsolete on Windows
  • Doesn’t have restore session feature


6. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is one of the new generation browsers which took the internet by storm - by making the internet easier to surf. Using the open-source Chromium browser as its base, Vivaldi takes inspiration from both Google Chrome and Opera, but builds on the foundation to make a unique experience.

Its attractive design, quick browsing and new productivity improvements such as a two level tabs bar make it a great choice for anyone looking to get things done quickly. The Web Panel function pins one or many web pages, allowing you to see both the pinned page and your existing page in a split view.

The cons? Nothing you haven’t heard of yet. Much like Google Chrome, Vivaldi also suffers from needing considerably large amounts of resources to work effectively. It also misses some features that other browsers may provide natively - however, the development team is always improving on how to make Vivaldi more user-friendly.

Download the Vivaldi Browser by Vivaldi Technologies


  • Sync data across devices
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures
  • Clutter free tab management and tab groups


  • Slow startup
  • Missing features such as smooth scroll
  • Hogs memory almost as much as Chrome


7. Brave


Another new-gen web browser, Brave, may catch your attention. It takes you on a journey to learn what browsing quickly and safely truly means. With a built-in, incredibly effective ad blocker, your experience will never be interrupted. The tracker and script blockers work together to protect your privacy and personal data as well.

Active Brave users can redeem points Brave rewards such as cryptocurrency and much more - it’s truly a browser that gives back.

The shortcomings of Brave mainly come down to missing features. At the time of writing, Brave doesn’t include a feature to sync passwords or bookmarks. However, we’re positive that the development team will not slow down anytime soon with the updates and improvements.

Download the Brave browser by Brave Software, Inc.


  • Built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker, and script blocker
  • Quicker than most browsers
  • Great privacy for users
  • Brave rewards


  • No password sync available yet
  • No screen-reader or RSS feed reader


8. Tor


Tor is an interesting browser, but it’s definitely a choice you should consider if you’re concerned for your privacy and safety when browsing. Although it’s not the fastest, Tor definitely makes up for what it lacks in speed by providing incredible features to protect yourself online.

Tor provides anonymity online with advanced features, making it impossible to track your data, trace your IP address, or infect you with malware. It also defaults to the privacy-conscious search engine, DuckDuckGo, to make your searches completely anonymous.

The main disadvantage of Tor is definitely its speed and performance. The browser takes a long time to load, and many websites load rather slowly. This drop in performance is caused by the layered data distribution, which also makes it near impossible to stream media on the browser. You'll also need a separate VPN for encrypting your data, as Tor doesn't natively encrypt anything.

Download the Tor browser by The Tor Project


  • Complete anonymity on the internet
  • Gives you access to .onion websites
  • Completely free and open-source


  • Slow startup and browsing
  • Blocks some scripts that may hinder your browsing
  • Doesn’t encrypt traffic


Final thoughts

If you need any further help with computer apps, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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