Finding Your Product Key in
Your Software

What is a Product Key

Every purchase of software comes with its own unique product key consisting of an alphanumeric code that is required during installation. A product key comes after you buy software. The product key is a unique combination of numbers and letters that is required during software installation. It is unique in the sense that it only pertains to the software you have bought. It is very unlikely that you can use it for a similar software application. Without the product key, you will not have access to the program; at times, it will only run as a trial version.

Some PC users use the same product key from another user, but this can only be used by a limited number of slots, and they could not be used at the same time as well. This practice has been carried over time to save money, thereby infringing the right of software manufacturers and their customers. This illegal software that comes out of the market is supposed to be protected by copyright laws. This is why software manufacturers require product keys during installation as a way to curb such unlawful practice. The product key is a distinct identifier which consists of a string of letters and/or numbers that prevents unauthorized copying and installation of the product.

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The Usual Places in Finding the Product Key

A product key is usually found in the installation folder along with the installation media like a USB key, download folder, DVD, etc. The designated file name for the product on the setup.exe file can be found by looking into the folder. It can be verified by looking into the product name. Once found, a common way of associating it with the product to be installed is to type in the serial number or alphanumeric code (of 25 characters) to allow installation and the user’s eligibility for product support. Thus, it is always required for users to know where to find it and how to access it.

Some other product keys can be found on a sticker which is found inside the case of a CD or DVD or some at the back of the case. In some other cases, such as when a PC is preloaded with the Microsoft Windows software, the product key sticker is found on the PC case. Or it can also be found on the installation disc that comes with the computer. Some products have a digital entitlement especially when you upgrade your PC. It is also provided to you if you have purchased or have paid for it on Windows Store.

How to Find the Product Key in Our Products

We have made things simpler for our customers to find the product key in our products. Basically our products are digital downloads. That means you can get them through remote access by downloading the software online rather than by means of the traditional way of purchasing products in stores. Here are the steps on how to find your product key in our products. We guarantee it as a fast and easy process for you as our customer.

Go to our website SoftwareKeep, and check on the products that you would wish to order. We actually carry a range of them: Microsoft Office versions and Office applications and Windows antivirus software for business users, professionals, and students! It is easy to find them as they are found on the tabs on top. Click on any of them to make a selection

Suppose you have software in mind, click on that selection. Of course, this is very easy as most of our products are found to be suitable to our customers’ needs. After you have made a decision which among our products to buy, proceed to cart as a guest or simply create an account, which will require you to type in your email address. Place your order. Once your order has been validated, we will send you an email which contains the product key for the product of your choice. This will usually take within 10–15 minutes after you have placed your order.

Go to your email, and verify your order. The email comes with a product key and download link which could give you access to our products. Click on “Download” to download the link on your computer. Follow the installation process to install our product. Simply launch the program after the download has been completed. Now you’re good to go and ready to use our product. Type in “system information” in the search box.

  • Click “System”.
  • Select “System Information”.
  • Click “System Summary”.
  • If you are running a 64-bit processor, you will find the statement “x-64 based PC” in the section which says system type. Otherwise, this section will say “x-32 based PC” when the system is using a 32-bit.

If somewhere in the future you might think of reinstalling our product but can’t find your product key or you may have forgotten, you may:

  • Call us for technical assistance and support. Don’t forget that it always pays to ask.
  • Use a downloadable utility program or key finder to help you locate your Windows key together with the other programs installed in your computer.
  • You may also request for a replacement product key from us. nload link which could give you access to our products.

Manual techniques in locating the product may work in older versions of Windows but definitely not in Windows 7, as they will only locate the product ID number not the actual product key. If you can’t still find your product key or your request for a replacement product key won’t still work out, you may need to buy a new copy of the operating system or the program.

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