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How to share your calendar

Many people have very busy lives, so sometimes your schedule doesn’t match up with someone else’s. This can really put a damper on event planning. Sharing your calendar with someone else is a useful tool to work out your schedule. The people of your choice will be able to directly view your schedule, while you can view theirs. This simplifies the process many times over.

Sharing your calendar

First, you need to know how to share your calendar. To do this you should click the "Share Calendar" button. Next, choose which of your calendars you would like to share with someone.

Once you have chosen the person you would like to share it with, you can click the “Add” button and find that person. Remember, you can add more than one person, which makes this perfect for planning events together.

How to share outlook calendar

Permission Level

Each person added to a calendar will be added with the default permission levels. Choose the name of the person who’s permission level you would like to change and find what level you want for them. Then press “OK”.

Setting outlook calendar permissions

Opening a shared calendar

If someone is sharing their calendar to you, all you have to do is find the email that contains it and click “Accept”. When viewing a shared calendar you can click "View in Overlay Mode" to have your own schedule layered over the shared one. Use this to compare your schedules.

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