How to Change Product
Key in Office 2010 Without

Sometimes you may need to change the product key on your software. Rarely, but in the case it becomes necessary, here is how you can do it.

How to Change Product Key on Microsoft Office

When it comes to changing the product key in Microsoft Office 2010, there is no need to concern yourself with hyphens or CAPS. You only put the 25 alphanumeric characters, and it will be taken care of. Moreover, there is a message that will ask you to wait while the key you entered is still validated. During this moment, the Continue button becomes inactive and gray. If you enter a valid key, the message window recedes from view. It also activates the button so you can proceed with the task. This process of changing the software key is much better than the one that is used before, particularly the Microsoft Office 2007. At the time, there was some kind of unwanted anticipation while the key was validated. The last character became invisible, and you just have to wait until that digit showed up again. You get a green tick when it is valid.

Reasons to Change the Product Key

While there are several reasons why you need to change the activation key, the main reason for this is that the particular key you are using was activated already in the past. One of the common reasons to change your key is that you have installed the Microsoft Office 2010 on multiple computers and probably put the exact same product key into two or more computers. This likely hinders the activation code from working successfully. Clearly, you need to use only one code on one machine; hence you would need to change the activation key. It is important to fix any mistake done with the product key because you want to follow and respect the guidelines involving the use of product key. In fact, if you have installed the Office version 2007, it is possible for you to get a product key for the version 2010.

Change the Product Key

You need a product key to be able to activate your Microsoft Office. Regardless of the reasons that you have to change the product key in the Office 2010 and you do not want to reinstall, you have a few methods to choose from. There is the option to change the key by using the Windows Control Panel, or you may do it on any of the 2010 Office application. You just pick the easiest for you.

Method 1: Use the Backstage View

You can change the product key of the Microsoft Office 2010 via the Backstage View of just about all Office 2010 applications. It is either Excel, Publisher, or in Word. Start with opening the file tab, and then look for the Help tab on the left side of the box. In the About area of the window box, click the link that says Change Product Key. This opens the activation box. Type the new code into the box, and the system will check it for validation. After the validation, use the Continue button. Next, press the Install Now, and the system will configure the Office 2010 of the new code that you input.

Method 2: The Regedit Option

Always be careful here. Editing the registry can be dangerous. Open the Regedit area. In the registry, direct it to the key with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office.0\Registration\ In the Registration, right click it and then choose Delete. A confirmation box will then open and click Yes. Close the Regedit window before you restart the 2010 software. You will then be asked to enter the License Key again.

Method 3: Use Microsoft Word

This one has a short process. Open the MS Word program. Next, select File and then Help. After that, choose Change Product Key. Enter the code and then you are done.

Method 4: The Control Panel

Begin the process by opening the Start Menu, then Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs. Sometimes, it is Programs and Features, depending on the operating system you are using. Click the Microsoft Office 2010 and pick Change on the top area of the menu. Next, look for the Enter a Product Key and put in your code and then the Continue button. You need to accept the Agreement box and then click Continue. After that, a configuration will transpire. Click Close. Choose the recommended software activation over the web. Then, Close. The software will then activate accordingly. Then, press Close to complete the process.

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