How to Uninstall the Office

Microsoft office is the leading office software in the world. Once it is installed on your system, you rarely need to uninstall it. There are some reasons uninstalling might be necessary, however. It isn’t a difficult process. Should you ever need to uninstall your Microsoft Office suite, here we will go over how to uninstall the software should you ever need to do it.

Every one of these applications in Microsoft Office works a specific purpose. It includes desktop applications such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote, and Word aside from the popular desktop applications. A brief explanation for each of them are:

  • Microsoft Excel - It helps you make basic to complicated data spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft Outlook - It is mainly used for emails and for management of information including organizing meetings.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - It is a stand-alone program that makes professional multimedia presentations.
  • Microsoft Publisher - It is an application software for making and publishing introductory marketing materials.
  • Microsoft Access - It is an application for database management.
  • Microsoft OneNote - It is an online alternative to a paper notebook. It allows you to organize your notes neatly.
  • Microsoft Word - It enables users in making text documents.
Laptop and MS Office programs - Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Piblisher, OneNOte

The Office is also available in full version, which is the Office 365, and from online under a lighter Office web software. The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to uninstall the Office software.

Determine your reason to uninstall

Microsoft Office is such a useful application software for users all over the world. So, why do you want to get rid of it on your computer? Probably, your software has become corrupted and you are getting a lot of error messages whenever you are using a certain Office program. Perhaps, you have decided that you do not need to use the applications anymore. It could also be that you want to try the Google alternative of the office software.

Remove the software manually

One important factor to consider is the kind of system you are using in your computer. Is it Windows Vista and Win 7? There are some differences between these two, as well as the methods of uninstalling an application.

For the users of Windows Vista:

  • Click the Start and enter the menu
  • On the menu, click the Settings
  • Then select the Control Panel
  • In the window of the control panel, double click the Programs and Features
  • Look for the Microsoft Office and then select one of the application programs
  • Click the Uninstall button
  • Return to the window in the control panel. Use the same process to uninstall the other Office applications one by one

For the users of Windows 7:

  • At the desktop's taskbar, click Start. You can also go to your keyboard and press the Start button
  • Find the Programs and Features from the menu and then click it
  • Double click one of the Office software, and choose to uninstall
  • After that, a dialog box will ask you if you want to modify or uninstall
  • Click Yes and the computer will start the installation process
  • Use the same method in uninstalling the other Office programs

After you have done the rest of the uninstallation of the Microsoft Office, you will need to restart your computer. This will clean up your registry settings, as there are some associated programs that may still be there even after uninstalling the Office. However, removing these programs manually can be time-consuming since there are too many associated files to search for and uninstall.

Make use of tools

At times, you need to use an advanced uninstaller software to completely and cleanly do the uninstallation for you. It will uninstall the Office software and the rest of its associated files. Using these types of programs comes with some benefits. It does the work more efficiently and thoroughly compared to the basic removal method that is integrated with Windows. It can clean up all the corrupted registry entries fast. Moreover, an uninstaller tool can help increase the performance of your computer.

Most of these uninstaller tools come with an option that uninstalls applications forcibly. This force uninstall option can easily detect the specific folder wherein the software is located. It can also clean the hidden applications in your computer systems. If you are dealing with hard-to-uninstall applications, then this kind of tool has proven to be useful. The good news is that these uninstallers are free. The task of uninstalling is performed successfully without the need for shelling out some money.

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