How to Schedule online meetings Using Outlook

Learn how to schedule online meetings quickly and easily in Outlook. Make your next online meeting stress-free with these four-step tricks from SoftwareKeep.

It’s never been easier to have a meeting. You can schedule all this in Microsoft Outlook. You set up the meeting, and a few clicks will direct your team members to the video conference. It's easier for them so they will be more motivated to attend. Outlook can directly link to Skype as well, so you can directly link the video conference. To schedule an online meeting to follow the procedure below;

Scheduling online meeting in outlook
  • Click on the “New Items” button under the “Home” tab. 
  • From the drop-down menu select “Meeting”. From the “Meeting” window you will need to select the “Join Skype Meeting”. With this feature, you could have a meeting with someone from the other side of the earth. 
  • Add your details: “Subject” and then the “Location” of the meeting. 
  • You could invite multiple people and have a large business gathering.

With Outlook, you can see when your invitees are free with the “Scheduling” tab. This tool will allow you to see when’s the best time for your meeting.

Once you pick the perfect time, send the invitation to everyone. 

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