Office 365’s Editor Option is a Feature That You’ll Use Often

How many times have you wanted Microsoft Word to be more intelligent in its editing capabilities? When simple spell and grammar checking won’t do
Office 365’s Editor Option is a Feature That You’ll Use Often

How often have you wanted Microsoft Word to be more intelligent in its editing capabilities? When simple spell and grammar checking won’t do, Office 365 has Editor as an option. It’s like having a behind-the-scenes person working to make your text tighter and easier to read.

Like Hiring a Professional without the Additional Cost

If you’ve ever had to write a document of considerable size for fun or work, you know just how valuable this option is. Without it, you’re forced to use a third-party editor or hire a professional to do the work for you. You never see how the changes are made so you’re unaware of how to strengthen your writing the next time you sit down in front of a computer.

Editor works to flag phrases that are unclear as well as complex words. It allows you to think long and hard about word choices to cut out the fluff and get to the heart of the matter. This helps the document read better because it has a smoother flow.

Third-party applications such as Grammarly work similarly but require downloading the applications repeatedly to keep them working. With Word, however, you can access the feature as long as the program is open. It’s something that could benefit writers, professors, and other professionals tasked with the job of writing long papers, reports, and other documents.

Benefits of Owning Microsoft Office

When you buy Office, you’re given access to a powerful software suite designed to increase efficiency, enhance creativity, and strengthen communications. Having access to tools such as Editor eliminates the need for additional people by helping you perfect documents before sending them to others or printing them out as handouts. That means less time spent cleaning up text and less ink wasted in reprints.

The benefits of owning Microsoft Office include:


Gain access to the hottest programs available. You get a powerful word-processing program, a slideshow creator, a spreadsheet producer, and an email client. Each offers a wide range of tools and features designed to make fast work of the task at hand. Having Office on your computer at home, work, and school makes it convenient to create unified-looking documents, emails, and spreadsheets no matter where you work.


Even though there are numerous templates to choose from, your documents and presentations are anything but boring. You can personalize them in several different ways by selecting your favorite fonts, photographs, and colors to enhance your reports, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and spreadsheets.


Apps make it possible to gain access to your favorite Microsoft programs even while on the go. You can use your phone or tablet to review and edit files. This eliminates wasted time because it increases efficiency.


Microsoft’s constant improvements make it possible to do more in less time. There are tools for just about everything you can think of doing within a program or application. If an option doesn’t exist, Microsoft allows its Office Insiders to share what they think will improve Office.

As you can see, there are several reasons why owning MS Office is ideal. With 365’s Editor feature, you’ll get even more use out of Word. You won’t have to rely on another person to edit for you because you’ll be able to edit inside the program as you go.

You can also collaborate on written projects together, which means that you can edit other people’s contributions, too, with ease. Rather than appoint one person to proofread and edit a text, you can let Microsoft do it for you. That means you’ll have more time to write because you opted to delegate tasks and track changes in Word.

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