What Is Office For Mac?

Ringing in the New Year, 2019 is starting out big with an updated version of Microsoft Office that is now compatible with Mac computers.
What Is Office For Mac?

Ringing in the New Year, 2019 is starting out big with an updated version of Microsoft Office that is now compatible with Mac computers. You no longer need to worry about compatibility across devices and whether what works on a PC will carry over for a Mac.

Now, Microsoft Office is available for both operating systems and you don’t need to sacrifice on any of the features regardless of which one you choose.

What Is Office For Mac?

Microsoft Office is no longer just for PC users now that they have introduced their 2019 updated version. Now, regardless of whether you are a fan of Macs or prefer PCs, you can get the same great systems and features no matter what operating system you choose to use it on.

This means you get the best of Microsoft Office with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook all with the newest and updated features to these programs.



You can now easily work on your Mac and switch to PC without issue, share documents with others that use different systems, and avoid having to switch formats just to make things easy for all to access. Whether you use a Mac or PC, as long as it has Microsoft Office on it it is good to go.


All of the features from Microsoft Office 2019 are designed to provide compatibility and ease of use to quickly and efficiently share projects and work on things in collaboration with others. With Microsoft Office for Mac, you can now increase your ability to collaborate with others because it is no longer only PC users that can join in on the projects.

All of the Microsoft Office programs of 2019 really focus on connection and collaboration to make sharing projects and files as simple as possible.


Microsoft Office for Mac contains the same programs as Microsoft Office for PC and comes just in time to take full advantage of all the great features the 2019 version of Microsoft Office has to offer.

Word 2019

Microsoft’s 2019 version of Word goes above and beyond a simple word document and incorporates plenty of new features to make it as easy to use as possible.

A translation feature makes having to go online to translate words a thing of the past as the word document can directly translate your file into various languages.

A new collaboration feature allows you to share and work on documents with others in real time rather than waiting for edits to be made and files to be sent back and forth. Pictures, 3D images, and videos can all be inserted directly into the word document without relying on hyperlinks. You can utilize already-made templates or customize your own to fit your needs.

A pen stylus feature is also added to the 2019 version of Microsoft Word so you can write directly onto the document, draw and personalize your files as long as you have a touchscreen device.

PowerPoint 2019

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 takes all the features everyone has become accustomed to as well as upgrades and new features to make it better than ever. All of the data displays from previous versions are included. Six new options and new display options like Presenter View make it easy and efficient to create an amazing presentation.

Presenter View lets you show the audience the main slide. At the same time, you can easily access notes, look at previous and upcoming slides, and view controls without compromising the audience’s view and cluttering the slide. This allows you to proceed easily without requiring backtracking, notecards, or forgetting information.

History tracking is also included in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 so you can look at and utilize previous versions without having to worry about losing information or trying to remember what the slide used to look like. You can also see side-by-side comparisons of slides and easy collaboration features to make sure no changes are made without being able to be compared to previous versions and return to the older slides.

New visual options and videos playing directly in the PowerPoint rather than through a hyperlink are also available to create a stunning and seamless presentation.

Excel 2019

With plenty of graphs and charts added to the collection and additional visual options, the newest version of Microsoft Excel is designed to be easy to use and look better than ever. Map and funnel charts are now part of the assortment of options already on Excel and 3D images now create an even more impactful image.

Microsoft has also taken aim at fixing a few things with Excel that you may not have even realized you wanted to be changed. The best example of this is that Excel now features a function that allows you to deselect cells when you highlight cells on a spreadsheet so you can eliminate unwanted information without having to start the drag-and-drop process all over again.

Saved data features allow you to easily access and look back on previous PivotTables from days, weeks, quarters and years as well as utilize one-click fixes and the Accessibility Checker features. You can also translate your Excel document into a variety of languages.

Outlook 2019

To easily keep track of information and organize your emails, calendars, contacts, and files, look no further than the 2019 version of Microsoft Outlook. For the ultimate collaborative experience and easy ways to share and communicate with others, the Outlook program utilizes new programs and the OneDrive of previous versions.

An advanced inbox feature allows you to filter your emails to prioritize important information. You can create groups, share information and files, and access OneDrive and Skype from the Outlook program without ever having to leave.


Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Office for Mac will be a useful asset to your set up. As a Mac user, you no longer have to forgo Microsoft’s suite of tools and you won’t have to choose sides any longer.