Office 365 Features New Accessibility Capabilities

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Office 365 Features New Accessibility Capabilities

Microsoft rolled out new Office 365 accessibility capabilities recently. Each month, a new set of updates occur, giving users of the app the opportunity to work like they’ve never worked before. In addition to being able to create and collaborate better, the most recent changes make it possible for people with visual impairments to understand alternative text descriptions where photographic images are inserted.

Accessible Templates for the Visually Impaired

If that wasn’t exciting enough, there are also accessible templates that allow users with low vision and color blindness to see things better thanks to the fonts and colors selected for the template. That means that most of the message is not being lost because a person has vision impairments. Instead, they can search for templates tagged as “accessible” and use them.

Display Names Makes Linking Text Easier

Adding display names to links is also a possibility in Office for PC, Mac, and Office Online as well as several mobile apps. The company plans to introduce a Link Gallery in the future that allows users to see recent files from SharePoint, OneDrive, and webpages conveniently from their clipboard. This eliminates time spent searching for links.

Checking and Fixing Accessibility Issues

MS Office 365 also offers accessibility checkers that allow you to view content and see if it poses problems for people with disabilities. You can use the tool in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. On PC applications, you’ll need to go to the Review tab and click on the Check Accessibility button.

You’ll then see a task pane that lets you see the inspection results. You’ll then be able to correct it to improve accessibility. If you require additional information about the issues, you can click on Additional Information and it will explain why it’s important to fix the problem at hand.

Software for Users of All User Abilities

Creating software that works for everyone is a goal of Microsoft who constantly improves its offerings each year. Software Keep stays on top of these updates and often share information about them on our blog. This allows MS users to stay in the know about the programs and tools they use daily on their computers and mobile devices.

Quarterly updates offer even more user-friendly options for people with disabilities. Checking existing software on a regular basis is recommended. Learning more about updates is possible by visiting Microsoft’s website or Software Keep on a regular basis.

Exciting Updates Scheduled for the Future

There are a number of exciting updates scheduled for future dates. Among them is the changes to screen readers in Skype for Business for PCs. Announcements are now automatic and let people know that they are being invited into a conversation, received an instant message or alert, and can change how to share screens, mute, and run video.

Using access keys rather than a mouse through the ribbon in Office Online is convenient, too. It’s one of the changes in the works. So is the real-time voice guidance, VoiceOver, in Office Lens for iOS which allows users to capture images.

In Project, accessibility was enhanced in Gantt Chart, team planner, timeline, sheet views, usage views, and form views. All of these changes make for a better experience for users with disabilities. As time moves forward, there will be even more accessibility options added to MS Office software.

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