Meet the Amazing Team Behind SoftwareKeep

  • Meet The Team
    I try to help people - both colleagues and customers

    I preffer dirt roads over paved ones.

  • Meet The Team
    I make your dreams come true

    I broke my arm and I now can do a weird noise when I move it

  • Meet The Team
    I'm a jerk of all trades, I try to satisfy user search intent.

    I'm just a GEEK stuck in the do-while LOOP.

  • Meet The Team
    I transform your drawing into code for the internet

    i'm very shy and sing VERY BADLY

  • Meet The Team
    I talk to different people, give them some computer tips and tricks and figure out solution to make them feel better.

    My first thought when I wake up in the morning is normally FOOD (bacon).

  • Meet The Team
    I look after the team

    I'm a black belt in judo and jiu-jitsu so don't mess with me

  • Meet The Team
    Sometimes even I don't know what I'm doing

    I enjoy good prank, either on me or someone else

  • Meet The Team
    Born to provide experience and justifications

    My perfect day would start with a Cofee and end with an Iced tea.

  • Meet The Team
    I am the 'Geek Freak'. I can help you fix your computer issues, be it on a mac or a PC.

    I'm a hobbyist. I build GUNPLA kits, custom paint them on my free time.

  • Meet The Team
    I help people with their computer stuffs.

    I majored in Biology and somehow got myself into remote tech support.

  • Meet The Team
    I'm the man behind google search.

    I love to skate but the skateboard doesn't like me.