Microsoft Office 2019 –
What’s Next and What to

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Can Office get any better? What will the new version bring to the table? Since its inception, Microsoft Office has been the leading office suites worldwide. The new version, Microsoft Office 2019, promines to really bring some changes to the table, and if you’re like us, you can’t wait to experience the difference. Microsoft Office, an institution within the Microsoft group of companies, has just announced its latest version – Microsoft Office 2019 (which they have also named Office 17). The latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite is set to be released in the second half of 2018. Microsoft Office is arguably the most recognized, and the most useful set of programs ever made since the inception of computers – for documents and written files.

We don’t know a lot yet, but with Microsoft’s announcement of a new product, of course, newer features are expected, and what had been announced so far do not disappoint. Microsoft does away with the cloud feature presented via Office 365. This feature actually received mixed reactions from Microsoft Office users, which probably explains the removal. For other new features, new animation styles are set to come for PowerPoint, and new, updated formulas for Excel. It’s also set to include better information technology (IT) capabilities that would really benefit business that uses the different programs of Microsoft Office to build up their systems. For those who work via stylus pens, Office is set to feature pressure sensitivity, ink replay, and tilt effects, for more artistic endeavours, which would really benefit those who draw with pens in their laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1 devices. It’s nice to see that the hardware upgrades of various technology brands are being included in Microsoft’s latest upgrade.

Those are just some of the newer features that will help update the Microsoft Office experience that we all know and love. It’s very nice to see Microsoft keeping up with the times, and keeping what is arguably one of their best programs alive, and getting new features added to it to keep in line with new features for devices as well. As the pioneer when it comes to technology, programs, and computers, Microsoft really lives up to its name as being the best.

The second half of 2018 is still a long way away, and Microsoft promises to announce more upgrades and features in the months leading up to the new productivity suite’s release. It’s so amazing to see how far these sets of programs have come, and to see where it continues to go. Since its inception, the programs offered have been used by students, professionals, and even people at home for any task imaginable.

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