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Microsoft Office 365 offers the best in productivity software, ensuring every element of your business is integrated and allowing you to multi task with ease. One of the more affordable versions of Office 365, Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus, comes with all of the most popula elements of Microsoft Office, while keeping costs low. Even better, Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus is a subscription-based program with automatic updates, so you will never have to worry about uninstalling slow, out-of- date software ever again.

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Everything but email

Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus offers the entire Office suite you have come to depend on—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and others—everything, except a network email. However, if you already have a company email system set up, Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus is the ideal choice. With an inexpensive monthly subscription-based plan, you will be saving money on users and getting only the applications you need.

Use it anywhere and on every device

The Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus suite can be installed on 5 computers (PC or Mac), 5 phones, and 5 tablets per user and can be accessed anywhere, since all documents are shared through the OneDrive cloud. With the option of having an unlimited number of users at any time, Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus is able to accommodate small start-ups and large corporations.

Data analysis in Excel and added security

One of the great benefits of Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus is the high-level data analysis available through Office. With Business Intelligence in Excel, you can connect and analyze data points like never before. If you happen to share secure data with others through the OneDrive cloud, the application comes with excellent security and privacy protection.

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Regular updates

With Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus, you’ll never have to buy an update again. The latest version of every application will always be available to you at no additional fee. The Office suite automatically updates in the background, so the next time you close out and re-open an application, you will be using the up-to- date version.

Our Take

If you already have an established company email system and are looking for an Office suite with all of the basic functions, along with advancements such as data analysis, Office 365 Enterprise ProPlus is the right choice. It is significantly cheaper than the top-level Enterprise options, so your monthly budget won’t be stretched. With the option to have an unlimited user base and superior protection against cyberattacks, it’s perfect for a company of any size.

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