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    What Is Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License?

    Microsoft Outlook is an application for managing your personal information and schedule. Although it's mainly known and used for it's emailing capabilities, it also includes features such as a calendar, journal, notes, contact management, task management, as well as web browsing. It's part of the broader Microsoft Office product family, though you can purchase it as a stand-alone program. Working alongside Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server is also possible, which tends to organizations who need to share inboxes, calendars or other data.

    With over a million users, Outlook is one of the leading email clients all around the globe, and its features definitely make it different from other email clients. Over the years, there have been a great number of new features, improvements and new capabilities added to the software to make your life more organized, easier and simpler. You’re sure to never miss a beat and stay on top of your personal and business life when taking advantage of Outlook 2019’s offered features.

    What Is An Open License?

    Microsoft allows users to purchase their software with many different licensing options. The Open Licensing Program allows users to choose to have an Open License, primarily designed for businesses with between 2 and 250 computers on board. If you're a business owner that prefers to pay-as-you-go, this is definitely the license for you. You may choose to purchase Licenses, Upgrades (Windows Desktop OS), License with Software Assurance, and Software Assurance.

    An Open License offers perpetual licenses and is a two-year-long program. It's definitely one of the most affordable options if you're working with a smaller organization. You can read more about the Open License terms and benefits by reading this post on the Microsoft Developer Network.

    Why Buy Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License?

    At first, Outlook was mostly as an email client, while everything else was pretty much outshined by the electronic messaging capabilities of the application. Viewing, sorting and sending emails was the thing people used earlier versions of Outlook for. However, the new 2019 release completely changed the reputation of the application for good. New and advanced features make it a must-have tool at home and in-office to manage your personal and business information, keep track of tasks and events, and noting down important dates or ideas.

    As we established, Outlook 2019 brings more to the table than just emailing. It’s a powerful personal management application which offers a huge variety of features that aren’t always in the spotlight, but should never be overlooked.

    Regain control over many parts of your life with Outlook 2019. It doesn’t matter if you need to use the application for home or business purposes, because everyone can find something useful in Outlook 2019. Emailing and sharing files, planning events, and organizing a meeting may appeal to business owners and employees, while home users may find the calendar, reminders, and notes more useful.

    Make use of Outlook 2019’s features to never forget about an important day or idea ever again. Simply open Outlook 2019 to set up reminders, write notes, manage your contacts, keep track of your tasks or check your incoming emails within seconds. The convenient and user-friendly interface aims to ensure that you never second-guess yourself when sending an email to an address or dialing up a phone number.

    With an estimated million daily users, Outlook 2019 is without a doubt the leading email client you can find. Its features are unmatched, making it a better choice compared to competitors. Over the years, the number of new features, improvements and new capabilities added to Outlook only increased, and it’s unlikely that Microsoft will ever stop improving the software. Don’t hesitate and make your life more organized and simpler by purchasing Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License.


  • Features


    Microsoft Outlook 2019 Open License Features

    Microsoft Outlook 2019 will organize your professional and personal communication in an effective and orderly fashion. It’s capable of helping you stay in touch with your contacts, organize meetings and group assignments while also keeping you reminded of important tasks, events, and dates.

    Let us take a look at some of Outlook 2019’s newest, most exciting features available on your PC right now.

    One of a kind email experience

    Outlook 2019 is equipped with a plethora of simple yet useful features. It can remind you when you forgot to attach a file to your email, check grammar errors, allow you to format text and insert your very own digital signature with a click of a button. However, these are only the tip of the iceberg - Outlook 2019 offers much more than that.

    The new Focused Inbox feature helps you separate your incoming emails into two separate inboxes. These are called the "Focused" and "Other" categories. This change was implemented to help you see important things right away, as opposed to seeing an overview of all incoming mail. Important things arrive in your Focused tab, while everything else flows to the Other inbox.

    Things such as newsletters, computer-generated emails, and promotions will be out of your way but still accessible. You have the ability to switch between tabs easily, and still get alerted about emails that arrive into your Other inbox if you wish to see them. You can also fine-tune Outlook 2019 the way you like it. Match your preferences and sort emails the way you want them to arrive, even if the application predicted that they aren’t meant for your Focused inbox.

    The cherry on top is that you can easily insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (also known as SVG files) into your emails. When choosing to insert these icons, you are given access to pick and choose from Microsoft's provided library of professionally made icons in over 25 categories. You can even select multiple icons to insert at the same time. Once an icon is inside your email, you have the ability to edit it in various ways by resizing, rotating, changing its color and applying various other visual effects.

    Stay organized with Outlook’s calendar

    Being organized is of importance if you strive for efficiency – and Outlook is helping you achieve that goal. Outlook’s calendar interface is easy to use, allowing you to stay on top of your game with ease. Use the calendar to plan and schedule your commitments with precision. You can also add different time zones to it as well, making it adjust to contacts that work and live in separate time zones.

    When you schedule a meeting, you can invite people with nothing more than a couple of clicks. Once an invitation is accepted, the date of the meeting gets added to the Outlook calendar. Incoming meeting invites will arrive into your Inbox, making it easy to view and create events.

    Know who is coming to the meeting

    In Outlook 2019, you can see the way people responded to a meeting request, even if you are not the organizer. This new feature is designed to add to the clarity of your business, allowing you to prepare for any meeting ahead of time. You’ll always know who to prepare for and what you can expect from a gathering.

    Get important reminders

    Anyone can have a memory lapse – even the most organized person. That is where Outlook’s reminder system comes into play.

    Once you set a reminder, you have various options for customizing how you want it to work. If you are in Outlook itself, a reminder will pop up over whatever you are doing to alert you. If you’re working in a different app at the time of the reminder, you can set Outlook reminders to appear more subtle, for example, behind the currently open window. There are also possible reminder sounds and a notification in the taskbar to ensure you never miss an important event.

    Reminders can be given to almost anything in Outlook including emails, personal messages, appointments, meetings, and your contacts.

    Make use of your voice and ears

    The Dictate feature allows you to speak into your microphone and turn your words into text automatically via speech recognition. It's one of the Office Intelligent Services, bringing speech recognition services to the next level. You can easily add punctuation, edit and correct your text while talking simultaneously, and enjoy the fast work you can achieve with just using your voice.

    You can also listen to your emails through an Ease of Access feature. It goes hand-in-hand with Dictate, as it makes Outlook read your messages out loud. Now, it’s much easier for people of lesser abilities to communicate than ever before. Even if you don’t have any disability, you can greatly boost your multitasking abilities and increase your productivity.

    General improvements

    Microsoft Outlook 2019 is ever-improving, so there’s always something new to look for in every update. Here are some smaller but notable new features, improvements and bug fixes in the new release of Outlook that you can certainly expect to help you in your day-to-day life.

    • • A quick bug fix was implemented to make sure all your Deleted Items are marked as read, instead of leaving an unread message in your inbox that doesn’t exist anymore.
    • • The calendar now allows you to see up to three different time zones on one schedule, making it easier to coordinate meetings and tasks across the world.
    • • Sorting options beyond Focused Inbox have been brought back to filter your emails in a different way. You can always change and customize the way Outlook sorts your emails to suit your needs.
    • • You're now able to see people's responses to a meeting, even if you're not the organizer, meaning that you'll always know who you're meeting with.
    • • Once you drag and drop OneDrive attachments from your emails to the local files on your computer, Outlook uses the cloud and downloads a copy of the attachment for you.

    Just like on social media, you can @Mention people in your messages, making all tagged recipients to receive a copy of your message.


  • System Requirements


    System Requirements

    • Platform Supported: Windows
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz
    • Minimum Memory: 1 GB (32 Bit) / 2 GB (64 Bit)
    • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 3 GB

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