How Microsoft Office
Professional 2016 Stands
Out From the Rest

Building a business requires starting with the best foundations. When it comes to computer software, the best foundation is undoubtedly Microsoft Office Professional. With decades of excellent programs and updates, the Office suite of programs and applications continues to dominate the market.

In order to create a collaborative, efficient business, you need Microsoft Office, and to get the most of out of your employees and yourself, you should invest in the Office 2016 Professional suite, which includes several crucial programs that can make or break a business.

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Benefits of Microsoft Office Professional 2016

Increased Security

Office 2016 is by far the most advanced version of the program suite regarding security. With data becoming such a precious resource to businesses, having excellent protection built into your Professional Office suite allows you to focus on your ideas and not on the possibility of having them stolen.

The Most Compatible Version of Office for Windows 10

If you are running the latest version of Windows, you want Office 2016 to go with it. Some features only work when you have the latest version of both installed. For instance, with Windows 10 and Office 2016, you have OneDrive already built into both systems, allowing for simple and secure saving in the cloud when necessary.

All of the Expected Programs

As you would expect, any version of Office will come with the most well-known programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In the 2016 versions of these programs, there is the increased ability to collaborate on a document without having to use a separate program. There’s no need for Google Documents or other secondhand programs. You and your colleagues can edit the text in the document in real time. This feature includes a chat option within Word, which allows you not just to edit but discuss potential edits as you go. With an increased connection to the cloud, it’s also possible to edit your documents anywhere, at any time.

Ever Increasing Integration of Programs

One of the most significant benefits of Microsoft Office is how easily all your programs can talk to one another. With complete integration, data can be easily shared between Excel and Word, or between OneNote and PowerPoint. There are no compatibility issues. With the Professional suite including the programs described directly below, there are few if any needs for your business to look for software outside the Office suite to address its daily needs.

Outlook Icon


Every business needs a reliable and efficient email system, and perhaps the best options is still Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has made some significant improvements in this version, including better filters for your mail to remove low priority mail that has, up until now, cluttered your inbox. Not only do you get a fast and well-organized email system with Outlook, but you also now get a connection between your email and your social networking, which can be an excellent tool for advertising your business or connecting with your clients. Outlook 2016 allows for you to have more control over your email environment. For instance, now you decide how many emails you want to be available when you’re offline.

Access Icon


Office suites below the Professional level don’t include this program, but if you’re looking to streamline your business data and practices, you can’t do better than Access. Access gives you a database where you can process and analyze more complex data. Access is an essential tool for any business that has a lot of numbers to keep track of. In addition to this, Access links up with the rest of your Office suite, like Outlook and Excel, to make sure you don’t have repetitive data and that all your information is easily shared and moved between documents.

Publisher Icon


Microsoft Word is excellent for text-based documents and basic page design needs, but if you have a business that needs more, especially for advertisements, you need a program that is centered around page design. Publisher gives you multiple advertisements and publication options so that you can get your business and your brand out into the marketplace.

One PC, One Download

Office 2016 allows you to get Office and keep it with a one-time payment. While this may be what you expect from Office, as you will see in the section below, it is now a matter of whether this fits your preference and needs or not.

Professional or 365?

Microsoft has begun to offer options outside its traditional Office suites. Now, with Office 365, anyone interested in Office also has the option of making monthly or annual payments and getting one of several versions of Office along with online data and regular updates.

There are benefits to either option. Buying Professional 2016 allows you to:

  • Avoid monthly or yearly payments by paying upfront
  • Keep your programs forever without fear of losing them if you decide to stop your plan
  • Keep your programs on your computer (available on some but not all 365 plans)
  • Continue to enjoy security updates (but no program feature updates)

The benefits to 365, on the other hand, are:

  • Regular updates for all programs
  • One terabyte of online information
  • Accessibility on any computer anywhere
  • Installation on multiple computers (with some plans)
  • Smaller, monthly payments instead of one upfront payment

With two great options now available for your business needs, Office has given you far more flexibility to find the package that best suits you.

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