Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

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Why Buy Sharepoint Server 2019?

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

  • New SharePoint homepage built for users to easily find and access sites from within the organization

  • Modern site pages that can easily share ideas using Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint and more

  • Modern list experience that simplifies how users create, manage, and interact with information with a rich set of capabilities

  • Document library combines the power of SharePoint with OneDrive usability, providing a more familiar interface

  • Intranet communication allows you to easily talk to people throughout the organization to keep everyone informed

  • SharePoint mobile allows you to bring your organization on the go, with more personalized options

  • Large file supports that allows for uploading files up to 15GB


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is the perfect document management system to help business owners, managers, and employers coordinate and manage tasks amongst each other. SharePoint Server 2019 is the best web-based collaborative platform that works together with Microsoft Office.

The major purpose of SharePoint is to be used as a storage system and manage documents, however it can be configured for various uses and this varies depending on the company. The major use of SharePoint in many companies is to create websites and to communicate with staffs.

SharePoint can serve as a safe site for organizing, storing, sharing, and making information accessible securely within your company. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 presents a better performance, security, and features for simplifying communication within your company.

SharePoint Server 2019 retains all the features of SharePoint Foundation, like Enterprise Content Management, enterprise search, business intelligence, personal sites, and Newsfeed. All of these features are accessible using a web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Built off the success of SharePoint 2016, the new enhancements to user experience, content integration, and robust scale will feel new, yet familiar to previous users. The new modern layout looks great and works flawlessly. The new team site layout will allow you to connect your team with content and information they rely on, and communicate effortlessly across the organization.

The improved integration for OneDrive allows for a responsive user experience across different devices, screen sizes, and mobile platforms. For IT Professionals, improved performance and scale with simplified management, and for Developers an opportunity to design for the cloud or internally. SharePoint 2019 listened to you to make the most streamlined document sharing application to date.


Sharepoint Server 2019 Features


Sites for Communication

These communication sites are employed in news or story sharing, or to deliver a message to particular people. Up to five items with images, links, and text can be displayed using the hero web section to point attention to an important information.

Users of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 can generate sites for communication from SharePoint Home without additional assistance. It takes seconds to generate new sites on SharePoint Server 2019.


Bigger File Size Storage

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 gives SharePoint 2019 document libraries the capacity to store files up to 15GB.

Lists and Libraries in Team sites have a modern feel in SharePoint to complement SharePoint Online.


Better Sharing Features

The sharing experience on SharePoint Server 2019 is made easier by a simplified sharing UI. Now you can easily share content and links with anyone in your company. When sending a larger number of items to a large group remember to include a warning.

The modern site pages and modern web part on team sites in SharePoint Server 2019 makes management easier and creation faster.


Improved Search Experience

SharePoint Server 2019 presents a modern search experience, which lets users view results before they type and results update while they type.

The search results page shows a summary of search results, categorized by their type and you can also see all results at once.

PDF documents are rendered on the servers of SharePoint Server 2019; users do not require a PDF viewer client application.


Enhanced SharePoint Home Page

Users have unified access to all sites thanks to a modern user interface, both on premise and online. Users can easily find their way through their intranet, and keep to speed with activity across all sites at a single glance.

The home page of SharePoint is the platform for users to create modern sites on a self-service basis.


Features of SharePoint Server

  • Synchronize files with OneDrive synchronization client (NGSC)

  • SMTP authentication whenever you send emails

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 offers more flexibility, capabilities, and better Performance, security to help keep your company safer.


Sharepoint Server 2019 System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

Hardware requirements for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

Location of Physical Servers

Some companies have datacenters that are close to one another and linked by high-bandwidth fiber optic links. Here, you can set up two datacenters as a single farm, this is referred to as a stretched farm, which is supported for SharePoint Server 2019.

For stretched farms to function, some requirements need to be met; there should be a very consistent intra-farm latency of <1 ms one way, 99.8% of the time over some interval of time. Another requirement is the bandwidth speed must be a minimum of 1 gigabit per second.

MinRole Installations and SharePoint Servers

For every installation you must have enough hard disk space for the base installation and adequate space for diagnostics like debugging, logging, creating memory dumps and many more. For the use of production there must be additional free disk space for daily operations.

Software requirements for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

A server farm with a single server and a server farm with multiple servers.

SharePoint has always been particular about collaborations when it was being majorly used to create intranets. This is continued in SharePoint 2019 with new features such as lists and libraries, to assist users to collaborate better. At the same time giving a new generation of mobile and intelligent intranets.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 gives updated reliability, more security and improved functionality. More than ever before, people can now interact with technology beyond what they see and hear.


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