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To be successful in business, you need to present yourself as professional, organized, and efficient. To do that, you need to be using the programs everyone else uses that allow them to communicate effectively. Office for Business has long been the standard for the programs you need communicate your business ideas everywhere in the world. However, recent Microsoft innovations means there are now more options than ever when choosing your Business suite of programs, particularly, the new Office 365 option. When you are unsure which program suite is best for you, you should go to experts like those at SoftwareKeep to get advice on which suite suits your needs. In order to give you a general overview, read more about Office 365 Business below to find out if it is the version of Office you’ve been looking for.

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Office 365

The first thing to point out here is the difference between Office 365 Business and Office 2016 Business. First, both versions of Office give you the same programs (more on that in a moment), the difference is in how you pay and some additional features of 365. With Office 2016, you pay and receive Office like you always have: you pay a single fee and get one copy of Office Business (either through download or through a hardcopy disk).

Office 365, in contrast, is subscription based, so you pay a small fee every month or once a year. In exchange, you get all the same programs, access to those programs online, online storage (one TB), and you can update your programs as soon as updates are available. Therefore, if you have Office 365, you will get the entire 2019 Business suite just by maintaining your subscription when it arrives without having to buy a new copy. Finally, Office 365 also allows you to install Office on multiple devices, so you can have all your files and programs on your computer, your tablet, and your phone.

What’s Included

Office 365 Business is designed for individuals more than companies, so it includes all the programs you need to achieve your business goals without some of the more advanced communication options available in other Business suite packages. When you purchase Office 365 Business, you get all the programs you have come to expect from an Office Business package: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. In addition, in PC versions, you also get Publisher and Access. There are also programs like Sway, which allows you to create online reports, newsletters, presentations, and other communication options. Finally, you get excellent security and privacy options that help protect your data. You also, once again, get updates to all your programs. These are not just the standard security updates. All improvements to the program suite get downloaded automatically, giving you the latest and best Office experience.

What’s Missing

Office offers much more than the basic Business suite of programs. With Premium, you would get all the same programs, plus a number of online-based programs that would improve your communication and organizational abilities, including Skype for Business and an improved online email program through Exchange. You would also get SharePoint, which vastly improves your organization’s ability to share files and collaborate on projects. For bigger businesses (those with more than 300 employees), the Enterprise versions of Office offer the best of everything, including upgrades in security and privacy that ensure no data is ever lost. The top Enterprise version, E5, also offers you improvements in communication, such as audio conferencing through Skype, a whole phone system through Skype, and business analytics through BI.

Other Office Options

As mentioned above, there are several versions of Office for Business available, including:

Office 365 Business Essentials

This is all online-based Office applications with a focus on business communication. Office programs like Word and Excel are available only in online form. Up to 300 employee licenses included.

Office 365 Business Premium:

This suite offers you all of the programs and features of Essentials and Business combined. You get the programs online and on your desktop. Up to 300 employee licenses.

Office 365 Enterprise E3:

Similar to Premium, but with more advanced security and data protection. You also get more advanced networking abilities to accommodate the needs of a big business. Unlimited employee licenses.

Office 365 Enterprise E5:

It’s everything you get with Enterprise E3, plus advanced business analytics, audio conferencing and more. You also receive top-of-the-line data protection that goes even farther than E3. Unlimited employee licenses.

Office 365 Personal:

This suite is designed for a single individual. It comes with all the standard Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and is meant for private use, not for business. It can only be installed on one computer.

Office 365 Home:

The same as Personal—with all the same programs—but with the ability to install multiple times with up to 5 licenses for a family. Essentially, it is Office 365 Business without a focus on business.

Is Office 365 Business Right for You?

Microsoft designs its Office packages to accommodate the needs of every individual and organization. The key is to pick the version that fits your needs. First, you should choose whether you are looking for a business suite or a personal suite for your home. Very likely, if you are this far into the article, you are looking for business. Second, choose whether you are looking for a traditional Office package with a one-time buy, one-computer option or a 365, subscription package. Third, you should consider which version fits your particular business needs. Essentially, for business versions of Office, you should first pick from the versions that fit your organization: individual, small (up to 300 employees), or large (more than 300 employees).

Office 365 Business is ideal for an individual who needs all the standard Office programs. For small organizations, it’s better to choose Business Premium, and for large organizations, the choices should be between Enterprise E3 and Enterprise E5. If you are looking to serve your individual business needs through Office, then Office 365 Business is likely the best option for you.

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