Five Things You’ll Want to Do Today to Prepare for a Successful New Year

Are you thinking of ways to make your life less stressful, more productive, and better equipped to handle the challenges it throws at you?
Five Things You’ll Want to Do Today to Prepare for a Successful New Year

With 2017 fast approaching, you’re thinking of ways to make your life less stressful, more productive, and better equipped to handle the challenges it throws at you. It doesn’t matter what area of your life you’re focused on, personal, professional or academic, you probably can stand to make some changes for the better, right?

If chronic disorganization, clutter, and depleting energy banks pose a problem for you, you’re in luck. Microsoft Office has a way of simplifying things so you can tackle life’s challenges easily. It makes organization virtually effortless which helps you get your affairs in order so you start 2017 out on the right foot.

It also provides you with unlimited training and support. All you have to do is buy MS Office and do a web search for new and improved ways to use it. People are eager to share what they have learned, and you’ll find a lot of this information on the Software Keep blog.

Here are five things you’ll want to do today to prepare for a successful New Year:

Clear out your Inbox of unwanted emails.

Delete whatever isn’t relevant and make sure to empty your trash can. You’ll achieve “Inbox Zero” faster than you thought you could once you’ve got a series of folders named and ready to drop emails into. Fewer emails in your inbox means less stress and searching for you.

Set up a folder system that you’ll use regularly.

Start filing the communications that you want to save into well-named folders. MS Outlook makes it easy to view and retrieve emails from folders. Best of all, you can maintain the documents without the need of additional space in your home or office. Rather than print them and place hard copies into manila folders, create a virtual filing system that exists on the Cloud and within MS Outlook.

Create and save templates of all important forms that you’ll send out in 2017.

From memos and cover letters to invoices and inventory spreadsheets, you’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of time creating documents by having templates on hand. Using a blank template and customizing it with up-to-date information allows you to save a new copy without touching the original. Make sure to give each file a unique name and place it in a folder on your hard drive or the Cloud so you can find it quickly.

Put an autoresponder message on emails that come in after working hours.

Set up a message in Outlook that gets sent after a certain time each day. This lets others know that you’ve received their message but won’t be able to answer it until the next day. This is a very important thing to do if you work from home because it’s very easy to forget to keep working hours. If you want to maintain a level of professionalism in your communications, this is one of the fastest ways to do just that.

Outline your important projects so you’re ready to work on them come January 1st.

An outline serves as a blueprint that helps you get from Point A to Point B. If you’re not ready to tackle a task just yet, consider outlining it first. You’ll have an idea what to write first and how many points you’ll need to make before finishing a document.

This is an especially important tip for students writing term papers and thesis papers. It’s also something for writers to consider when they’re getting ready to write a new book. Public speakers can organize their thoughts by outlining their speeches.

MS Office offers numbered and bulleted lists for you to use to clarify the message you’re trying to deliver. You can make sure that what you’re relaying to others makes sense by having an outline before you speak or give a slideshow presentation.

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