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What Is Microsoft Visio 2019 Standard Open License?

Microsoft Visio is an application that makes conveying your thought process behind every decision you make. This is beneficial to anyone who needs to plan out a process, let it be a floor plan or a business approach. Most people find it difficult to draw complex plans and designs due to lack of time or skill, which Visio aims to help you with. Existing templates and tools within the program allow you to gain a kickstart when first starting. Visio makes it simple to create professional drawings with tools that are easy to use and understand for anyone. 

The list of things you can create is only limited by your very own imagination. Make understandable flowcharts and diagrams, put together floor plans, polished engineering designs, org charts and more. The offered shapes and templates make it possible to create appealing designs for any purpose you need to use Visio for.  

The cherry on top is the fact that you don’t have to work alone. Create your designs alongside other people with Office 365. Multiple team members can work on a Visio project at one, all in real-time, whether you’re sitting right next to each other or on opposite sides of the globe. You have the option to update your data with real-time information as well, if selected, this formatting automatically updates your data to reflect a change as it happens in the world. 

Visio is available in more than one edition as well as different plan options for Office 365 users. Microsoft currently offers two different online plans in addition to a Standard and a Professional version of the perpetual software. Each version contains the base capabilities of Visio, which are perfect for creating drawings and plans by themselves. High-end editions such as Visio 2019 Professional offer more features which typically cater to people who run small to medium-sized businesses or organizations. For home or individual users, Visio 2019 Standard is definitely the way to go if you want to be cost-efficient without sacrificing quality.

What Is An Open License?

Microsoft allows users to purchase their software with many different licensing options. The Open Licensing Program allows users to choose to have an Open License, primarily designed for businesses with between 2 and 250 computers on board. If you're a business owner that prefers to pay-as-you-go, this is definitely the license for you. You may choose to purchase Licenses, Upgrades (Windows Desktop OS), License with Software Assurance, and Software Assurance.

An Open License offers perpetual licenses and is a two-year-long program. It's definitely one of the most affordable options if you're working with a smaller organization. You can read more about the Open License terms and benefits by reading this post on the Microsoft Developer Network.

Why Buy Microsoft Visio 2019 Standard Open License?

Visio is the perfect instrument to create drawings depicting diagrams, workflow graphs, plans, or even company and sales history. It has a tool set that allows you to create visual presentations for any project from concept to completion. Visio 2019 Standard remains the best application that encourages and supports users in sharing comprehensive ideas with their clients in the form of graphs and diagrams.

Convey your concepts and display them with intricate flow charts, budgets, maps, corporate design, IT architecture or marketing and corporate advancement. You can even create your designs inside a web broswer via Visio Services in Office 365 or SharePoint. As your information is updated, your diagrams will be updated immediately in your browser. This signifies that both Visio and Visio Services can function in a group environment, allowing multiple people to work on the same graph at the same moment and see feedback directly.

For everyone from IT experts all over to entry-level customers, Visio is remarkably simple to use. Common features, such as drag & drop, asset and text aligning tools, automatic forms and other components create quicker and more effective ways to build your drawings. Visio 2019 Standard continues to offer constructed templates, effects and forms with even better visual attraction. Use Visio Online to get access to your information from anywhere, allowing you to display all your data from just about anywhere, at any moment.

In a nutshell, Viso 2019 Standard offers powerful tools, state-of-the-art features as well as new templates and stencils to put together breathtaking plans and drawings. Streamline and convey complex ideas by creating data-linked charts with a few clicks. Diagramming is more straightforward than ever before with Visio 2019 Standard. Make a flowchart similarly to how you'd do on a whiteboard, map an IT network, build an organizational diagram, layout a business process, or draw floor plans. By allowing you to look at your own work as it's being created, Visio helps you function the best.

Wireframe templates for website and application designs

If your specialty is creating website or application designs, your life is about to get much easier with Visio 2019 Standard. You’re able to create wireframes for your website or application designs which act as the blueprint of your user interface, functionality, and content. Designers can plan ahead in an effective manner on both desktop and mobile platforms, with corresponding wireframe templates for each platform. These templates are perfect for presenting ideas and carefully planning out the layout and functionality of your projects.

When choosing to work with Wireframe templates, you can either start a blank drawing or pick a starter drawing to get you going faster. Within each template, you can find five stencils: controls, containers, text, media, and navigation. Each stencil is a pre-formed group of shapes and smart shapes, making it quick and easy to work with the wireframe. Smart shapes are fully customizable, as they’re linked to control points and right-click menu actions. This lets you modify numeric values, ranges, and visual styles with ease.

Each Wireframe template can be used for different browsers and mobile devices, as they're purposely made generic and easy to customize for your very own needs. Visio 2019 Standard also comes with 8 different templates and starter diagrams for wireframes, which all offer a different look and different functionality. Choose which one you prefer and begin designing your next website or app within seconds of opening Visio!

Use templates for a headstart

Sometimes we need to get things done quickly, which templates can help you with. The use of templates became popular as people are looking to accomplish great results in a short amount of time. Templates can help you start a project, or give you design ideas and solutions to progress faster. Visio 2019 Standard comes with a large library of templates in plenty of different categories to assure you find what you're looking for, or at least something similar. Additionally, users have access to new starter diagrams in the Organization Chart, Brainstorming and SDL templates.

New UMI tools

New UMI tools are also available with the 2019 version of the Microsoft Visio Standard. UML Component Diagrams show components, ports, required and provided interfaces, and relationships between them, and with the new UML Communication Diagrams help to show you how objects would interact with others in a sequenced format. Its primary focus is on object relationships.

On communication diagrams, objects are shown with association connectors between them. There's also a new UML Deployment Diagram which provides a model about the physical development of artifacts on nodes. For example, if you wanted to describe a website, a deployment diagram would present the hardware components that exist, what software components run on each node, and how the different pieces are connected with each other.

View your drawings on the go with Visio Online

More and more people utilize the cloud on a daily basis. Visio 2019 Standard allows you to view your diagrams in the cloud by using nothing but a web browser. This is possible thanks to Visio Online, which is a service available to all users with an Office 365 subscription. View your diagrams on the go from any device using a native web browser. This feature is beneficial to those who often present their work in front of an audience, as it completely eliminates the hassle of exporting and importing Visio files.

This feature is also helpful to view other people’s drawings as well. If you receive a Visio file in Outlook, you can immediately view it in your browser without having to download it first. The Microsoft team is also working on bringing editing into the web-based interface sometime in the future, further enhancing the capabilities of Visio Online.

Enhanced AutoCAD support

In addition to all of these updates and new features, Microsoft has updated their AutoCAD support. They enhanced it by being able to import and/or open files from AutoCAD version 2017 or prior. You will also see scaling improvements whenever you import these files, but you'd have to set a couple of properties first.

For example, in AutoCAD, make sure that the active tab is a layout tab and not a model tab. You should also make sure that the Visio drawing scale is set to the same scale as the AutoCAD viewport scale. Not only that, but importing such files will be a lot faster with the new update, and thankfully, no delays when working with shapes on top of CAD files.

Communicate with your team and share your projects easier

In-app communication with Visio 2019 Standard gives you the opportunity to write or read comments on other people's works that have been shared with you. Comments allow you to share your thoughts with your team or relevant stakeholders a whole lot easier. You can also reply to comments, and associate them with specific diagram shapes, making it easier to distinguish them from the actual project. Ask and answer questions, start discussions or give your team ideas, all within Visio itself.

Sharing your work with others and editing alongside the members of your team has never been easier before Visio 2019 Standard. The added co-editing tools make it possible for multiple people to work on the same project at once. You can easily share diagrams directly from Visio, add shape-specific comments and even add in-app presence through the Skype for Business service.

All of these communication and sharing features aim to make your team work better, while also increasing the ability to share files outside your team.

  • computer and processor - 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core
  • Memory - 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Hard disk - 4.0 GB of available disk space
  • Display - 1280 x 768 screen resolution
  • Graphics - DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update).
  • Operating system - Windows 10 or later, Windows Server 2019 or later

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