How Microsoft Office 365 Blew Our Minds in 2017

Net als bij eerdere updates, zijn er bij de plannen van Microsoft voor Office 365 voor 2017 mensen aan het praten. Het populaire softwarepakket domineert immers de concurrentie vanwege voortdurende verbeteringen en een breed scala aan programma's, tools en functies.
How Microsoft Office 365 Blew Our Minds in 2017

As with past updates, Microsoft’s 2017 plans for Office 365 has people talking. After all, the popular software suite dominates its competition because of constant improvements and a wide range of programs, tools, and features. There are five new features in development currently, each offering something new to Microsoft users.

New Features to Look Forward to from Microsoft

Here is a preview of what you can expect from Office 365 in the future:

  1. Skype Meeting Broadcast Transcription and Translation.

    Skype for Business contains an application called Skype Meeting Broadcast. It essentially allows enterprises to address large audiences through hosted and broadcasted meetings. The update makes it so a closed-captioning transcript is generated which users can have translated in the language of their choice. Currently, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and German is being offered as options.
  2. Support for Bitcoin Currency.

    Users of the currency rejoice at being able to use Excel to recognize, format, calculate, and analyze Bitcoin numbers. Windows 10, Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Excel Mobile versions will offer this feature. Think about how much time you’ll save when you’re able to make Bitcoin calculations automatically.
  3. Locations and Apps Conditional Access Policies.

    New and updated administrative features are now a part of Office 365. Limiting access to an enterprise’s Office 365 apps by location is now a possibility. Setting permissions for users makes it so they have access to specific Office applications not all of them. This helps keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Accessibility features are something that Microsoft updates frequently. The company wants to accommodate as many users as it possibly can with its software and apps.
  4. Excel Data Gathering and Shaping.

    The Power Query section in Excel helps discover a range of data sources including Facebook, Salesforce, Azure databases, and Hadoop. Third party websites are also available. The intuitive tool saves users valuable time by finding the source of information provided.
  5. Improvements for OneNote for Classrooms and Collaboration.

    OneNote will now contain a classroom tool. Staff and enterprises will be able to determine the level of control needed to make usage successful. Users are able to share OneNote notebooks easier than before, making the transfer of ideas effortless.

As with any changes, there is excitement about Office 365. Getting to know the new features opens up a world of possibility for users. Not only will their personal and professional communications improve, so will their academic.

Getting More Out of Office 365

Office 365 is the choice of many users because of how robust it is with features. For example, transform your slideshow presentations with Designer. Once you’ve dropped an image in, it makes design recommendations for you. You’re able to see what looks best for your presentation within seconds.

If you want to add motion to your presentation, you can use Morph to morph them together. Zoom lets you get up close and personal with the slides you’re presenting. This is great way to add emphasis to different areas of the presentation that you’re giving. It’s one way to involve the audience more because you can actually fulfill their request to zoom in closer to see something of interest.

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