Incredible Insights About Family Reunion

In this guide, you will learn the top 10 steps to make your Family Reunion or thanksgiving reunion a turning one. Click here to learn more. Let's dive in!
Incredible Insights About Family Reunion

We're entering the festive season, and we expect lots of family reunions beginning with Thanksgiving.


Distance is undeniably one of the hardest things for couples, friends, and family members who live apart. What is the best way to do this other than organizing a family reunion?


Well, none since family comes first. Why?


"Family is not important; it's everything."— Michael J Fox.


It's always an excellent idea to set aside some quality moments to discuss issues and enjoy delicious meals with your extended family.

family reunion


What are the plans for your next family reunion? Are you organizing any yet?


Well, planning a reunion involves a gazillion of things, and this may drain your energy. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal (a happy, reunited family) is worth it.


The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered traveling unfavorable, but you can still have a reunion. Before organizing your family reunion, you should probably know why it's an important event, especially during difficult times. Check this out.


Importance of Family Reunions

importance of Family reunions

Unlike the regular times, your family needs you more now than ever. With most of the members in isolation, you can't imagine the loneliness that could be consuming them. Here are some reasons you should organize a reunion during these tough times.


a. To find out how they are doing.


The virus is looming, and everyone is at risk. How are your family members? Are they safe from the pandemic? How are they coping with the harsh economic times? A reunion is an excellent way to learn about your family's general wellness.


b. To share remarkable memories.


Every family has those little but amazing memories that keep them lively every time they meet up. Sharing such memories can be extremely helpful in terms of nurturing mental health. It also reminds you of your family's memories and why you should stay together.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Organize a Family Reunion


To come up with a meaningful and fantastic family reunion, you'll need to take the time to plan it. It may be a hassle if the gathering involves several hundreds of your relatives. Lucky for you if you have a smaller family.


Anyway, big or small, the steps to organizing a heartwarming reunion of the family remain the same. Here is a list of what you should do to make your meeting successful. Dive in.


  1. Generate a plan: Your plan should include the reunion venue, date, and month. It is always perfect to plan this way early to avoid last-minute rushing—the best way to settle for a location is to ask for input from your family members. Some sites may work for a majority of them, and this will make traveling easier.
  2. Form a Committee: A lot goes on in a reunions family. You can undoubtedly confirm that from your previous reunion. This means you won't be able to handle all those activities—you aren't a machine, for heaven's sake. Choose people that will help you in running things. Delegate the catering duties, budget planning, entertainment, et,c. to different people to make everything manageable. Otherwise, you'll have it rough working alone.
  3. Organize Records: Since planning may take a significant part of your year, keeping records in one retrievable place will be appropriate. There's too much to record, ranging from lodging details to vendor contractors. Always keep them in one safe place for easy retrieval.
  4. Come up with a Budget: If your family is vast, be ready to spend an arm and a leg. Finding enough money to cater to the kind of reunion you want may be challenging. Even so, you can always communicate with your people in advance and make plans that will favor them. For example, you can consider ordering food from the best restaurants in Branson and enjoy eating together virtually. If you don't have an expensive reunion, always hope for a better next time. Whatever budget you come up with, be sure to stick to it. You can check our blog here on how to make a budget using Excel.
  5. We all make plans for every planA and have a B version, but how many things go as planned? Knowing this, you should have a backup plan to save your face and the day. What if it starts raining, yet you're holding your reunion in an open garden? What if a vendor cancels their services at the last minute? What if the hotel cancels your reservation due to 'unavoidable circumstances? Always have something to do in the event of any of these happening.
  6. Invite your Family Members: With everything well set, it's time to get the word out. Find the most convenient way of communicating with your people. You can use emails, social media, phone calls, etc., depending on the size of your family and whatever works best. Don't do this alone if you have a big family.
  7. Choose recreational events that suit everyone: Your older folks may prefer to sit somewhere quiet and talk about the past and the present. On the other hand, children would want to play games and run around catching butterflies. What about teenagers? Find out. The bottom line is to have a set of events that will give everyone an excellent time.
  8. Start with some oomph: Reuniting after a long time may create tension among members. Some may be distant relatives; they don't know each other well. How about starting with icebreakers to get the party started? Some funny questions about getting to know each other may work well; for example, who sings in the shower has an unending appetite, etc. Such things will cut off the tension and make you a real family.
  9. Talking about your family reunion makes a perfect place to share it since most family members may not know much about the family history. You can share stories, old photos, memories, and all details about your family. Don't forget to create more memories by adding pictures to the family album.
  10. Keep it that way: With such an energy-filled reunion, it can be unpleasant if that's the last. Always keep the momentum by organizing the next family reunion after every other. July makes an incredible month to hold a reunion. Make it an annual event, and enjoy some summertime with your family.


How to Reunite With your Family Even During Hard-Times


For now, traveling may be a problem. However, there's no harm in holding an online family reunion—it works magic.


Here are some of the tools you can use to meet online and even plan for a one-on-one reunion of family.


  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Jitsi
  • Join. me
  • MeetingBurner
  • Facebook Live
  • Jing, etc.


Virtual meetings are usually exciting; you can try them if the meeting physically becomes challenging. Make sure you choose a platform that supports many participants so all your family members can fit in.


Fun Activities to Make a Family Reunion Full of Life


Most younger members of the reunion may want to participate in outdoor activities. Contrarily, the older ones may prefer indoor ones. How do you balance this equation? It's supposed to be fun for everyone, remember.


Come up with a list of lively activities that will keep everyone entertained. Here are impressive suggestions. Check them out.


  1. Making a family album involves every household filling a page with family photos and decorating them. This may take time, but it's a fun activity that won't require much energy.
  2. Ball Games: These are energetic games that younger members may enjoy more. However, don't be surprised if your 80-year-old grandpa also tries a kick.
  3. Talent Show: Ask each member of your family to showcase their talent. It could be singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc. Be sure to award the winners with an extra bottle of coke.
  4. Share Stories: It can be awesome if one person shares their stories while others listen. It is fun.


Don't Attend a Reunion Empty-Handed


You haven't seen these people for a whole year or even more. There's no way you can swing your empty hands and go. Carry some gifts.


What gifts should you carry to your family reunion? Ask no more.


  1. Custom photo branded items: Do you have an ancupsup with a picture of your face? What about a blanket? Such things make perfect gifts. You can impress several items with your family photos and gift them to your relatives.
  2. Family Movies: Did you know that family movies can make fabulous gifts for a reunion? Watching movies can also be one of the fun indoor activities you do. Alternatively, you can share copies with every member to view once they're back home.
  3. Recipe cards: If you want your extended family to enjoy some yummy foods, you can gift them with recipe cards. They will love it.
  4. Toys: Don't forget kids will be in attendance. As usual, they will be waiting for gifts, so you can't afford to disappoint them. Toys are heavenly for kids, and you should tag along with some.


To keep your family together, family reunions are must-have events. Holding one annually can be more awesome and fun. Just make sure you take your time to prepare to avoid an unnecessary headache—all the best in your upcoming family reunion.


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