How To Deactivate Office 365 if You See a “Limit Reached” Error

Krijgt u de foutmelding 'Limiet bereikt' in Office 365? Dit is wat SoftwareKeep-experts zeggen over het oplossen van de abonnementsfout.
How To Deactivate Office 365 if You See a “Limit Reached” Error

With Office 365, you are able to run on a subscription across multiple devices. If you have logged into Office 365 across too many devices, though, you might receive a “limit reached” error. 

There’s no need to stress this, though, all you have to do is deactivate Office 365 on a device (PC or MAC) that you are no longer using. Thankfully, you will not lose any information if you deactivate your subscription on a device. All deactivation does is allow you to make way for use on another device. 

This deactivation can occur on Office 365 Home, Personal, or University; as well as Office 365 for business. 

How to Deactivate Office 365 Home, Personal, or University

  1. From any device (PC or MAC), log in to your Microsoft account and navigate to the Installs page.
How to deactivate Ms Office

   2. Under the “devices” tab, you’ll see a list of all devices attached to your subscription. Locate the device you are desiring to deactivate.

   3. Once you find the device, click “sign out of office” in order to deactivate your Office 365 subscription on that device.

How to Deactivate Office 365 for Business

  1. From any device (PC or MAC), type into your browser address Microsoft portal and sign in to your Microsoft student or business account. 
  2. You will see an “install status” tab. Click this then select “install options.”
Office 365 account

    3. Next, you’ll see an area that says “my installs.” Click the down arrow on this tab and you’ll see a list of devices attached to your subscription.

    4. Click the “deactivate” button next to any devices that you are wanting to deactivate.


  • It should be noted that it can take approximately 72 hours for Office to detect that a device has been deactivated.
  • This process can be done only through a web browser, but you are able to do it from any device. 
  • After deactivating Office 365, you can still view documents and print documents from that device, but you will not be permitted to edit or create new documents.
  • If you want to use Office 365 on a deactivated device, you will be required to sign in to Office 365 once again when prompted. 

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