Hoe contacten uit Outlook te exporteren

Afhankelijk van de versie van Outlook die u gebruikt, zijn er verschillende manieren om uw contactpersonen uit Outlook te exporteren. Leer hier hoe u contacten uit Outlook exporteert.
Export Contacts From Outlook

The next logical step is to export your contacts as a .pst or on a spreadsheet. This way you can easily view your contacts on whatever computer you come across. The process is easy and will allow for quick access to your contacts.

How to Export contacts from Outlook

While looking at your contacts on Outlook, click on “File” then “Open & Export.” Next, find the button that says “Import/Export”.

How to export contacts using Excel

On the Wizard, click on “Export to a file” and follow the Wizard’s directions. Make sure you export as a .csv or “Comma-separated values.” This will be helpful if you will be reading on Excel because.csv files are better read through Excel. Save the .csv file and name it whatever you like. Finish the wizard and you should be able to use your .csv with all that contact info in Excel.

How to export contacts using PST

If you want to export as a .pst (Personal Storage Table), you’re going to start the same way. At the top left corner click on “File” and look for “Open & Export.” Find the “Import/Export” button to open the Wizard.

Using PST Wizard

You can now send that PST file to another computer and add your contacts there if you'd like. It's easy, convenient, and best of all there will be no more lost contacts. You can read our guide on how to import contacts in outlook here.

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