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Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac

Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac
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Why Buy Word 2016?

Microsoft Word for Mac: What You Get and Where to Get It

The most famous and most popular word processor on the planet remains Microsoft Word. The lack of Word and other Office programs has long been one of the negatives about buying a MacBook over a PC.

That has changed, however, as recent editions have become available on the Mac as well. To find out more about what Microsoft Word has to offer you, go to SoftwareKeep, or read more below.

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Word 2016 Features

The Newest Features

The most recent version of Word is Word 2016. This edition has all the features you’ve come to know in a Word program. For instance, there’s the ribbon at the top to help you find the tasks you need.

However, this isn’t just a standard upgrade from previous editions. There’s plenty that makes Word 2016 stand out. To start with, there is a new Tell Me function that allows you to search for tasks by typing them in instead of cruising through the ribbon. There’s also a new smart search called insights that can search through your documents and over the web all by just right-clicking a word.

Word 2016 is also more intimately and intuitively connected to the cloud to make saving and storing documents easier.

Finally, if you use OneDrive as well as Word, there are incredible new collaboration abilities, including the capability to edit a document with others in real time while also messaging within the document.

How to Get Microsoft Word for Mac

There are several ways you can get Microsoft Word for Mac. F