PC Privacy Shield - 12 Months License

PC Privacy Shield - 12 Months License

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Why Buy PC Privacy Shield?

Advanced Privacy & Identity Security Suite

PC Privacy Shield wipes out your online digital footprint, including browsing history, file usage, and chat records. PC Privacy Shield cleans all or specific information, depending on your needs. It also enables false/dummy information to be embedded the history files. PC Privacy Shield is used to protect information from phishing and to cover his/her tracks when needed. PC Privacy Shield deletes login credentials and alerts in real time when those credentials are being logged by the browsers. PC Privacy Shield cleans instant messages/chat history, keeping your PC clean of any previous chat records. PC Privacy Shield also allows a fully automated mode that automatically protects privacy on a set schedule you create. Users of PC Privacy Shield can select specific categories to be scanned and cleaned or simply allow a full-scan.

PC Privacy Shield Features

Clean Your Computer Files History
With PC Privacy Shield you can clean not only your browsing history but your offline computer activity too. Get rid of your recently used files, applications, viewed videos, more with just a single click.

Clean Online/Internet Browsing History
PC Privacy Shield can handle all popular browsers – Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. With one click, wipe away any tracks, records, or indication of your previous activity. No one will be able to tell where you have browsed or what you have looked at online.

Advanced Privacy Protection
PC Privacy Shield keeps your browser clean from all recorded tracks. Your user names, passwords and, filled forms remembered by your browsers, and easily accessible, are now wiped away and can’t be found by hackers.

Personalized Anonymity Preferences
PC Privacy Shield allows you to choose what to clean and when to clean it. PC Privacy Shield settings let you exclude specific applications and information from the general cleaning procedure.

All Main Browsers Supported
PC Privacy Shield supports the 5 most popular browsers today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. This ensures you a complete scan and clean of your potentially exposed files and information. Most browsers let advertising/tracking cookies collect day to day information. PC Privacy Shield deletes all tracking data and completely ensures your privacy

IM & Chat Records Compatible!
PC Privacy Shield's portfolio includes deep cleaning your chat and instant messaging history. Your online calls, messages, and chat records will be completely cleaned (unless you choose otherwise). No footprints of your activity will remain.

Scheduled Cleaning
PC Privacy Shield's scheduled tasks allow you to “set and forget” No need to worry about remembering to clean your history and files. PC Privacy Shield does the work. Set your scheduling preferences and let PC Privacy Shield run automatically.

PC Privacy Shield System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing PC Privacy Shield - 12 Months License

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PC Privacy Shield - 12 Months License

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