How to Sync Files and Folders

Não seja pego desprevenido. Aprenda como gerenciar, sincronizar e compartilhar arquivos no Microsoft OneDrive e acessar seus arquivos mesmo quando estiver fora do escritório, em qualquer dispositivo.
How to Sync Files and Folders

OneDrive allows you to sync your files and folders with the cloud. Once synced with the cloud, you can access your files from any device, any time. Syncing can help to protect your photos or work in the case of a crashed computer.

How to sync OneDrive to your computer

You can sync everything on your computer by signing into the OneDrive desktop app. Once you have done that, everything within your OneDrive will be accessible on your computer. You can edit and add documents from your desktop or laptop and they will automatically save to the cloud.

This is great if you work from home and an office, and can’t be bothered to store everything on a flash drive or send yourself documents every day. The cloud allows you to access and edit your documents anywhere.

How to work with your files in OneDrive

Once you have synced your computer, you should have access to your OneDrive files in File Explorer on your computer. If you have a Mac, you will see them under Mac Files, labeled OneDrive.

You may have more than one OneDrive account – one for your private photos and documents and one for work, for example. If that is the case, files from your separate accounts will be stored under separate names. It should be clear which is which (OneDrive – personal and OneDrive – Company name).

You will be able to move files that have already been stored on your computer into the OneDrive folder to store them in the cloud. You can also make copies of OneDrive files and store them on your computer. It is important to note that these copies – if they are saved outside of the synced OneDrive folder, will not be saved to the cloud as you edit them. If you want your work to be saved in the cloud as you edit, you must keep it stored in OneDrive.

To check the status of files stored in your OneDrive, click the cloud icon in the notification area of your computer. This will tell you what is stored in your OneDrive and how much storage you have left.  

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