7 Great Things About Microsoft Office 2016 as a Productivity Suite

Neste guia, você aprenderá como visualizar dados usando gráficos e colaborar em tempo real no Microsoft Office 2016.
Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016’s visual image hasn’t changed much from Office 2013. However, what makes Office great are several new features that can enhance users’ productivity.

What you can achieve with Microsoft Office 2016 Productivity Suite

For starters, Microsoft has been rolling out cloud computing services with Office for a while but Office 2016 it’s taken it to the next level. Here are 7 ways Microsoft Office 2016 works better as a productivity suite:

1. Powerful Analytics tool with Power BI

After Office 2013, Microsoft invested an enormous amount of capital to improve data analytics and business intelligence in its Office suites. In Office 2016, the Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that integrates with your Office applications, such as MS excel.

Power bi

It helps with the way you view your data, allows you to create interactive datasets, and then share your results with the rest of your organization.

2. New Delve Tool

Delve is a new tool that comes with your Office 365 subscription in Microsoft Office 2016 for business users. Delve collects and organizes documents from different team users in one easy place. It provides a central location where you and your team can access everything you’ve created, collaborated, or shared on your Office 2016.

Delve is essentially your new ‘recently worked on’ type of list, but the main difference is that it’s stored in the cloud. This means you can easily access it anywhere and from any device through the Office 365 portal.

3. Co-Authoring in Real-Time

In Office 2016, Microsoft has made its co-authoring function even better. Co-authoring can now be done in real-time. This means you can see what changes are being made by your co-workers, as they are making them, and vice versa.

Co-authoring in real-time can also be done from anywhere and using any device.

4. A Better Version History

One of the problems with shared documents is that they can change drastically over time. This means ideas can easily be lost along the way, as well as the changes that were made.

In Office 2016, the Browse Version History option is much more powerful and saves these ideas from getting lost. It’s directly accessible from any Office app’s File menu.

5. Clutter Folder Outlook

Outlook inboxes can often become easily cluttered with the tons of emails you get every day. Wading through your inbox to find important emails can take time and be a trial. While the rest of the less important mail takes up space and reduces your productivity.

To help solve this, Outlook 2016 offers a new category in your inbox toolbar, called Clutter. Besides marking high-priority emails, you can now also mark others as low-priority. Similar emails in the future will then be stored in the Clutter folder automatically.

Clutter Folder in Outlook

6. Notebook Sharing OneNote

While OneNote is often underappreciated, it’s, in fact, one of the Office’s most useful applications. OneNote’s a great central app for team collaborations because it works from texts to images, emails, and worksheets. It also supports any type of document.

In Office 2016, sharing options have been made even better in OneNote. You can now share your OneNote notebook with as many people as you like.

7. Additional Excel Chart Types

Excel’s always given users a great way to visualize data using charts. However, Excel’s chart-type options have been due to an update for a long time.

Excel 2019 cluster charts

Thankfully, Microsoft’s finally done this with Office 2016. Several new chart types have been added to the templates list. One example is Waterfall, which is ideal for stock market tracking. Other chart types include SunburstBox and WhiskerHistogramPareto, and Treemap.

Microsoft’s new productivity features are a welcome addition to Office 2016, especially for business users wanting to collaborate better with teammates.

Bear in mind, Microsoft Office 2016 is typically only available as a subscription-based suite. When you buy a boxed Microsoft Office 2016, what you’re actually buying is the access for its annual subscription.

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