Windows 10 Professional Vs Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise versus Windows 10 Professional: o que é melhor para sua empresa? Aqui está o que os especialistas da SoftwareKeep têm a dizer.
Windows 10 Professional Vs Enterprise

Are you trying to figure out which version of Windows your small business should use? There is an edition of Windows software designed to meet the needs of every organization, from small, growing business to a multinational enterprise.  For most business people, it comes down to two; either Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Professional. Both offer a wide array of powerful features for business needs, all wrapped in a secure package.

Windows 10 pro vs enterprise features

In this guide, we shall be looking at these two editions of Windows 10. We shall perform an in-depth analysis of the features and functionalities of both. We shall look at their performance and what you should expect should you decide to acquire any of them. Finally, we shall wrap up the guide by looking at the best version for your business needs. 

About Windows 10 Editions

Windows 10 helps you achieve more and transform your business with the most secure Windows ever. It provides you with the most flexible and cost-effective way to give your organization access to the latest Windows Desktop technologies.

There is an edition of Windows software designed to meet the needs of every organization, be it small, growing business or fully established multinational enterprises. Below is an image that lists the editions of Windows 10, available through each Microsoft distribution channel.

Windows 10 Enterprise Vs Windows 10 Pro

For the sake of this article, and to offer our readers a compressive guide, we shall limit ourselves to two main Windows 10 editions; Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise

General Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise offer an array of powerful features for business needs, that are all wrapped together in many features. Let’s have a detailed examination of the different features that make Windows 10 editions based on user access reviews;

Intelligence Security

  • When it comes to security, Windows 10 changes the game for organizations that are looking to achieve the ultimate security. Here is a list of included security features;

Threat Protection

  • Windows 10 protects endpoints from cyber threats. It is able to detect advanced attacks and data breaches and automate security incident response. This leads to an overall improved security posture using Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. 
  • Windows 10 features Threat and Vulnerability Management. It empowers security teams to discover, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities as well as misconfigurations. 
  • It features attack surface reduction that reduces the total surface area of attack. This happens through the elimination of exploit options and pathways that your adversaries depend on most. 
  • There is next-generation protection, an intelligent security graph that provides the fuel needed to protect you from the most advanced file-less, ransomware, and other types of attack. 
  • Endpoint detection and response will help in monitoring behaviors. It applies machine learning and security analytics to spot attacks. It also provides SecOps rich tools to help in investigating and responding to attacks and threats. 
  • Auto investigation and remediation will help to automatically investigate alerts to determine the appropriate course of action, and remediate complex threats in a matter of minutes, without any human intervention.

Information Protection

  • Windows 10 lets you easily protect your data. It delivers all the capabilities you need to protect your information from unauthorized access and accidental leaks.  
  • It comes with full disk encryption. There is BitLocker that provides unequaled protection and recovery for all your sensitive data, in case a device is lost or stolen. 
  • There is also data leak prevention. You can lock your device s to prevent accidental data leaks across various social channels, removable storage, email, and the public cloud.
  • The user access review is another security measure that helps organizations ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive data.

Identity and Access Management

  • With identity and access management, you can protect identities against the hash. You can now adopt modern authentication technologies to provide ease of use without the risk of passwords.
  • Doing so will help you to improve security and reduce the risk of phishing and password spray attacks. You will be able to switch to a passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. The whole process equips you with all you need to give your users an easy and convenient way to sign in and access data from anywhere.

Security Management

  • Windows 10 comes with a secure score dashboard that expands your visibility into the overall security posture of your organization. 
  • Using the dashboard, you will be able to quickly access all the security status of your organization and see all the elements that require attention. There will also be recommendations on actions that need to be acted upon to reduce surface attacks aimed at your organization.

The secure dashboard displays a snapshot of;

  • Microsoft secure score
  • Secure score over time
  • Top recommendations
  • Improvement opportunities.

The security analytics dashboard will give you all the details and updates you need, with insights to improve the overall security score of your organization. 

Simplified Updates

Windows 10 contains all the tools and insights IT administrators can trust to make deployment simple. Besides, it provides free resources to enhance business value. All the updates are meant to help keep Windows 10 devices healthy and up to date.

The updates will help protect users and data with the latest security updates and improve user productivity with the latest features. This will help you stay up to date with maximum security and performance. 

Windows Server Update Services

The Windows server update services enable IT, administrators, to locally manage and systematically distribute updates, thus saving on user’s time. There is a Windows update for business which reduces business management costs and helps you gain more control over update deployments, to efficiently deliver an update to users.

Get started with FastTrack

FastTrack is a feature that provides all the tools, resources, and guidance to help migrate Windows 10 quickly and with confidence. Users can now explore Windows as a service. There are a more streamlined deployment and servicing of Windows devices, with resources well leveled out for efficient deployment and maintenance.

Users can also join the Windows Insider Program to leverage insider preview builds, and get all the tools and new features to validate apps and prepare your organization for all matters touching Windows 10.

Flexible Management

Windows 10 gives you all the tools you need to enable comprehensive management of endpoints that simplify identity, device, and application management. It comes with flexible device management tools that IT can deploy, manage and update devices from anywhere. 

With Windows 10, IT management goes hand in hand. You will be able to deliver business-ready machines to offer a great experience for your users in a faster and easier manner. There is simplified device management that minimizes the efforts required to manage desktops and applications. All modern management tools are at your desk, so work with them at your pace. 

Windows Autopilot

There is Windows Autopilot that transforms a brand new device into a business-ready one, managed by the cloud. IT will not need to touch the device. There is seamless integration with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune. 

Windows Autopilot will allow IT to provision your organization with all the required policies, settings, and apps such as Office 365 ProPlus.

Modern IT with Windows 10

Windows 10 simplifies the process of transitioning to cloud-based management. There is co-management that allows IT to modernize at their pace. It facilitates transitioning of workloads to Microsoft Intune, while at the same time maintaining configuration manager for other workloads. 

There is mobile device management that transforms the way IT manages Windows devices to adopt a simpler and easier approach that takes full leverage on cloud-based services. 

With Microsoft Store for Business, you will be able to find, acquire and distribute apps for your entire organization. There is a custom line of business apps that can be made available through the app store.

With Windows shared devices, you will be able to quickly set up and maintain locked down single-purpose devices. Doing so will help Firstline Workers and customers focus on tasks at hand, using on the apps they need.

Enhanced Productivity

Windows 10 offers an intuitive experience using built-in tools and features that help users collaborate and work in a more efficient manner. With Windows 10, business productivity grows. 

You can now work smarter, with features that help you to stay in the flow, work faster and find what you need. You will be able to cultivate collaboration by seamlessly working with tools that help teamwork collaboration.

Nearby Sharing

There is a Nearby Sharing feature in Microsoft Edge, OneNote, File Explorer and other Windows apps that help users quickly transmit documents, web pages, and files to nearby PCs. There is a Microsoft Whiteboard feature that provides a free digital canvas where people can share ideas and collaborate.

Windows Virtual Desktop

You can now seamlessly virtualize Windows 10, Windows 7 desktops, Windows Server, and apps using built-in security and compliance. In terms of accessibility, Windows 10 comes with a wide range of accessibility features such as word predictor, Narrator, and support for eye control.

On Windows Devices, it doesn’t matter whether users are in an office or on the road. Windows 10 has all of them covered. There are hardware options ranging from Surface Hub to the new and always-connected PCs.

There are many other features and functionalities we can still discuss the Windows 10. Let us now be more specific and discuss the key features and performance of Windows 10 Pro as well as Windows 10 Enterprise. Let’s start with Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Pro is designed to be the foundation of the modern workplace. It has all the business tools your team needs to increase its productivity. 

Work Even Smarter

Windows 10 Pro is laden with features that enhance comprehensive security, business-class tools, and flexible management. It is designed for tomorrow, bringing together greater team collaboration and sharing.

The simple, flexible management streamlines identity and device management, to help you focus on your business. It works seamlessly with the most trusted productivity and collaboration suites to help your team achieve more. 

It comes with powerful protection you can trust. You will enjoy inbuilt protection that comes standard on every Windows 10 Pro device. It will be a perfect suite for mission-critical users in data-sensitive industries.

Best Devices in the World Run Windows 10 Pro

It is no secret that the best devices in the world run Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Pro comes pre-installed on the world’s largest selection of business devices, be it laptops, desktops & All-in-Ones. 

You will be able to choose lightweight ultra-books, rugged mobile workhorses, and economical mobile PCs and tablets. Additionally, towers, premium all-in-ones, and small or even ultra-small PCs can tackle the most demanding tasks with Windows 10 Pro. 

One Selection for all your business needs

It’s time to invest in technology that is built for the modern workplace. With Windows 10 Pro, your team will be able to work more seamlessly and effectively with enhanced collaboration and creativity. 

First-line Workers

Workers on the front line are required to move quickly and perform tasks in an efficient manner. Windows 10 Pro provides you with an efficient, affordable, customizable, and secure experience for your first-line workers. This helps them to be more efficient with shared devices or workstations.

Information Workers

Windows 10 Pro will help your information workers to seamlessly collaborate even at times they are apart. They will be able to turn inspirations into big ideas. Additionally, they will be handling all their tasks in stylish and high-performing devices.

Power Workers

For power workers, Windows 10 Pro equips them to handle large data sets with a lot of ease. It has features that offer lightning-fast transfers. It is fully packed with powerful built-in security and intuitive communication tools to help your teams to take the most demanding of tasks. 

Windows 10 Enterprise

The second edition of Windows 10 is Windows 10 Enterprise. This edition of Windows 10 addresses the needs of large and mid-sized organizations. It provides IT professionals with comprehensive device and app management. 

It is built to simplify IT on an enterprise scale. With Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and help you get significant ROI in every phase of the device management cycle. It features powerful and secure tools for business.

Windows 10 Enterprise is designed to address the needs of midsized and large organizations by providing IT with the following;

  • Advanced protection against modern security threats
  • Flexible deployment, update, and support options
  • Comprehensive device and app management and control

It makes it easier to protect endpoints, detect any advanced attacks, automate response to any emerging threats and improve the overall security apparatus. It also helps in stimulating deployment and updates and delivers devices that are enterprise-ready to users, straight from the manufacturer.

Windows 10 Enterprise Editions

Windows 10 Enterprise comes in four main Editions. These are;

  • Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1909 |64-bit ISO
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1909 |32-bit ISO
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, LTSC 2019 |64-bit ISO
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, LTSC 2019 |32-bit ISO

Installation Guidelines for Windows 10 Enterprise

There are a couple of installation guidelines you must follow to have a seamless operation with Windows 10 Enterprise. First, you need to review the Windows 10 Enterprise system requirements. Second, you need to register, then download and install the full-featured software for a 90-day evaluation. You will then receive emails with resources to guide you through your evaluation.

  • You need to plan ahead. This means you should back up your files and settings before installing this evaluation. 
  • Upon installation, Windows will prompt you to activate. At this stage, a product key is not required for the software.
  • In order to use Windows 10 Enterprise, you must sign in to your PC using a Microsoft Account.  At the time of the final release, the option to create a local account will be made available.
  • In case you decide you want to install Windows 10 Enterprise using one of the provided ISO files, you will not be able to uninstall it. 

Things to Know

You need to understand that Windows 10 Enterprise is designed for IT professionals interested in trying Windows 10 Enterprise on behalf of their organization. It is not recommended to install the software if you are not an IT professional. 

Windows 10 Enterprise should work with the same devices and programs that work with Windows 8.1. In some cases, a program or a device might not work or may require an update. Else, you might need to uninstall some programs and then reinstall them after installing the evaluation. 

Note that downloading Windows 10 Enterprise may take a couple of hours. The exact time will depend on your provider, the bandwidth you have, and the traffic. 

Comprehensive built-in security

Windows 10 Enterprise comes with complete security features including Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. It has powerful analytics and cross-platform integration with centralized detection and prevention management. 

It is very easy to deploy with maximum application compatibility and minimal costs and effort. IT Pros will have more control with this edition of Windows. You can now customize features and apps, as well as manage secure devices remotely, to deliver virtual desktop on Azure.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a unified platform that helps in preventive protection, post-breach detection, and automated investigation and response. ATP is a complete security solution.

It is agentless and cloud-powered. This means there will be no additional deployment or infrastructure. There are no delays or update compatibility issues. It is always up to date. Unparalleled optics means it is built for deeper insights. There is a seamless exchange of signals with the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

With automated security, you will be able to take security to the next level, by going from alert to remediation in a matter of minutes. With synchronized defense, Microsoft 365 shares detection and exploration across devices, identities, and information, to speed up recovery and response.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and vulnerability management is designed to empower security teams with all the tools they need to discover, prioritize and remediate all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.  Microsoft Threat Experts empowers all your Security Operations Centers with deep knowledge, expert, expert-level monitoring and analysis as well as support for all critical threats.

Security Automation

Security automation goes from alert to remediation in a matter of minutes. You can now automatically investigate alerts and remediate complex threats in a very short time. This is done in line with industry best practices, and intelligent decision-making algorithms, all done to determine whether a threat, file or file-less, is active or not.

You will be able to protect your business from advanced threats. This is done through the power of the cloud, behavior analytics, and machine learning. ATP provides all connected pre-breach protection.

Network protection prevents network-based attacks from attacking devices. Exploit protection blocks the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities including zero-days. With reputation analysis, you can steer users and devices clear of files and websites with malicious reputations.

When it comes to protecting devices from web-based threats, there is hardware-based isolation that changes the game. With application control, you can change the malware defense strategy, using the power of the cloud to automate application control.

Antivirus mechanisms are not left out. There is a dynamic cloud-powered intelligence that defends you against known and unknown malware threats. With behavior monitoring, you will be able to block suspicious behavior using advanced runtime analysis.

Innovative Endpoint Detection Response

Cyber-attacks remain a very serious threat to data and information. Because of this, Microsoft ATP has stepped up the bar. It detects network attacks and data breaches, to give your insights and tools to close any incidence quickly. 

ATP works to detect the undetected. You can now spot attacks and zero-day exploits using deep optics into OS and with the use of advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning. You can uncover the scope of the breach as you visually investigate forensic evidence across your organization to easily uncover the scope of the breach.

With a proactive hunt, you will have rapid access to 6 months of historical data to search and explore across endpoints. Microsoft Defender ATP helps you save time as it gives you data within seconds. With custom detections, you can write your own detections or upload your own Indicators of Compromise to be alerted by your own Threat Intelligence. With interactive reports, you will be better placed to understand the nature of significant and emerging threats. You will access the impact on your environment and get recommended actions to help increase security resilience.

Then there is detonation. You can submit suspicious files for deep inspection and get a full analysis report within a matter of minutes. You will be better placed to understand what the file is capable to do.

Windows 10 Pro Vs. Windows 10 Enterprise; Which One is Better?        

When it comes to making the final choice between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise, there will always be a debate. To answer this question, we need to look a little bit more into nitty-gritty details between the two, in terms of Pricing, Licensing, and Features.


The biggest difference between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise is the type of license you get. Windows 10 Pro follows the traditional licensing model, where you pay a one-time fee for the license and own it forever.

Windows 10 Enterprise is an OS-as-a-Service license. This means you pay a small monthly fee for the license, depending on the version you choose, be it E3 or E5. With Windows 10 Enterprise, you can scale down or up at any time, so you will only be paying for the license you need at that particular time. 


In terms of features, Windows 10, in general, takes a pretty big leap from its previous versions. It brings back the Start Screen and adds some wonderful new features, including Cortana digital assistant and Edge browser. Windows 10 Pro comes packed with various business features such as;

  • Windows information protection
  • Bit locker
  • Group Policy
  • Windows Store for Business
  • Assigned Access
  • Dynamic Provisioning
  • Windows Update for Business
  • Shared PC configuration
  • Domain Join
  • Remote Desktop
  • Client Hyper-V

For Windows 10 Enterprise, it includes all features of Windows 10 Pro, plus a few more, which revolve mainly around security, including;

  • Device Guard
  • Credential Guard
  • Applocker
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization
  • Microsoft User Environment Virtualization
  • Windows Analytics
  • Long Term Servicing Branch

When it comes to evaluating which edition of Windows 10 is best for you, there is no correct answer. It all comes down to your specific business needs and budget. If you want more extra features and you have the budget, then we recommend  Windows 10 Enterprise. We can clearly conclude that it has an edge over Windows 10 Pro, though you will pay more.

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