How to Reinstall Office 365
on you Mac

Using Office 365 on a Mac combines the extreme usefulness of Microsoft’s exceptional software with the complete intuitive convenience of Mac products. When both are working well, you have perhaps the best products available for most work, study, and personal activities. When you need to reinstall Office, however, it can be tricky, especially if you haven’t taken advantage of the low prices and expert services available at SoftwareKeep.

Fortunately, Microsoft provides a relatively simple (and more importantly, free) process to reinstall Office 365. In this event, use the guide below to reinstall Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac quickly without any hassle.

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Before you Begin

Find out if your version of Office is Home or Business

There are many versions of Office 365, and the install instructions are different depending on which of two categories your version fits into: Home or Business.

Home versions include:

  • Office 365 Home
  • Office 365 Personal
  • Office 365 University
  • Office 2016 Home & Student
  • Office 2016 Home & Business
  • Office 2016 Professional
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus

As long as your computer has at least these specifications, you should be able to use Windows 10 Pro at its optimal level.

  • Office 365 Business
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Education E5
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3
  • Office 365 Enterprise E4
  • Office 365 Enterprise E5
  • Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E3
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E5
  • Office 365 U.S. Government Community G3
  • Office 365 U.S. Government Community G5
  • Project Online Professional
  • Project Online Premium
  • Visio Pro for Office 365

Once you have determined which category your version of Office falls under, you can move on to the next step.

Find out if you have a license or a product key

Your product key is a 16-digit code that you received with your original Office 365 purchase. When you downloaded Office 365, you should have received a confirmation email. The product key should be there. Keep this number handy for your reinstallation.

Reinstall steps for Home

Login icon

Step #1: Sign in and register your product key

If you didn’t register your product key when you first installed Office 365, do so now. Go to and log in using any Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, X Box Live, etc.). If you don’t have an account, create one now. When prompted, insert your 16-digit product key.

Step #2: Go to

Go to the website above and log in if you aren’t already logged in. Make sure you use the account on which your Office 365 is registered.

Download icon

Step #3: Download Office

Look for your subscription for Office 365 is on the page and click to install it. Then, confirm the version you are downloading is correct by clicking Install again.

Step #4: Open downloaded program

Open your Finder and go to Downloads. When you see a file called Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg, or something similar, click on it. This should open an installation window.

Next icon

Step #5: Click through the prompts

You will see a number of prompts come up. On the first one, the Introduction, simply click continue. Next, you will be asked to review the software license agreement. Once you have done so, click Continue. At that point, you will be asked if you agree with the terms. Click Agree. You will then be asked to choose how and where you want to install Office. A default option should be presented. Unless you have specific custom needs, choose the default option and then continue. Then, review disk space requirements and click Install.

Step #6: Use your Mac login

At this point, your Mac will ask for your login information, including your password, to ensure you want to install this software on your computer.

Program icon

Step #7: Close installer and open an Office program in Launchpad

Your installation is now complete. Close the window and go to Launchpad, where you can choose a program (like Word or Excel) to open.

Step #8: Activate Office

When you open the program a “What’s New” window will open. Click on Get Started at the bottom to walk through the activation process.

Dialog window icon

Step #9: Pin icons to your dock

Choose the programs that you will use most often, and move the icons to your dock for easy use. To do this, open the desired program. Then, go down to the dock where the program icon appears. Control-click or right-click on the icon and choose the option Keep in Dock. The icon should remain after you close the program.

Reinstall Office 365 Business

Login icon

Step #1: Sign in at

Go to the above website and sign in with the business or school account where your Office 365 is registered.

Step #2: Install Office

Under the Office page, find where it says “Install Office 2016.” Click on the Install button to begin the process. Once the file has downloaded, follow steps 4-9 of the Home version above.

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