Sales Receipt and Why Is It
Valuable to Customers

There are people who are used to getting VAT invoices from retailers, especially now that they want to determine how much tax was charged to their purchase. To provide you a brief overview, the receipt provides the details of your Value Added Tax, which is mainly used in various services and goods. SoftwareKeep does not provide a VAT invoice. This may be a surprise, but it has been the commitment of the online seller to give you no-tax advantage while buying items from the website. In other words, software applications sold by SoftwareKeep are more affordable. However, it is understandable that you also need to keep a record of your purchase. This is why SoftwareKeep provides a sales receipt instead. To give you more facts regarding the document, given below is an excerpt explaining its value to you, as a customer.

Sales Receipt Benefits

Record Completeness

It is necessary to have an official or sales receipt of your purchase for personal accounting purposes. If you have a budget to follow every month, the sales receipt is necessary to give you awareness on what to deduct from your current balance. Without a sales receipt, you may be confused as to where your money went to. By having a sales receipt, you will be able to monitor your expenses and control it in the near future. Since SoftwareKeep provides digital copies of the receipt, you will have no issue keeping it for a long time. Before, inks of receipts fade, giving consumers problems whenever they need references. This will not be encountered anymore in terms of online purchases.

Refund Request

Without a sales receipt, which will also act as your proof of purchase, you will not be able to ask for a refund from a firm who is offering such service. Be reminded that even if you buy from local stores, this is the same scenario that you will encounter. No staff will entertain your refund request simply by carrying the item you bought. They would want to ensure that you have the sales receipt to countercheck that the product came from their inventory.

Compliance to Law

If you do not ask or even accept a sales receipt from a retailer, even if it is based on the web, this is similar to assisting a shop owner in committing tax evasion. To be clearer, without a receipt, you will not have any evidence that a certain transaction took place. If you are buying in-store, not having a receipt means that the shop cannot declare the sales they got from your purchase. This will reduce the tax revenue collected by the Government from them. From the given idea, you will understand that even buying software applications online has to go through a proper procedure. Though there are no taxes involved with your SoftwareKeep items, it is still essential to practice discipline.

Estimation of Future Purchases

You can also use your sales receipt to forecast how much you would likely spend for your future purchases. For instance, you would prefer to buy more software from the site, you will have a rough idea of how much your expenses would be. Alternatively, with a possible price on hand, you will be able to budget your money accordingly. If you are planning to buy another software but the estimate does not much your financial situation, at least, you have a guideline to follow when saving money. Although the price of certain items may not be consistent, it will always be helpful to be one step ahead to ensure you are spending your money wisely.

Monitoring of Product

There are instances when digital items are not received by customers. This may not be an issue with SoftwareKeep, but it does not mean that it will never happen. With a sales receipt, you can inquire about your product, particularly when it is not delivered yet. The receipt will allow the customer service team to verify that you are indeed a buyer and that you ordered an item, which has not been delivered or sent yet as necessary. It would somehow act as your ticket to ensure your software will be provided after handing over your payment. Even the seller issuing the sales receipt obtains advantages from it. They will be able to keep track of their sales, maintain a good accounting record, and sustain a proper product distribution process to its consumers.

Now it is clear to you why VAT invoice is not being provided by SoftwareKeep. You simply have to ask for a sales receipt instead. However, it is customary for the seller to give you the receipt right after the purchase. It is part of the purchasing procedure for the consumers’ security. Regardless of your selected payment method, such as by using a credit card, SoftwareKeep will guarantee a copy of sales receipt for your perusal.

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