What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It? (Part 2)

Do you need a powerful tool that can create incredibly gorgeous and professional looking presentations without having a steep learning curve?
What Is PowerPoint Viewer?

Do you need a powerful tool that can create incredibly gorgeous and professional-looking presentations without having a steep learning curve?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best option.

It allows everyone from every skill level to put together presentations, photo albums, and design things by utilizing a wide variety of elements. You can use different elements such as images, creative ways to display text, use effects and even implement music and sound into your presentations.

All of these incredible features allowed PowerPoint to grow into an application that is industry-standard today, and we predict that it is going to stay this way for many more years to come.

Because of the huge popularity of PowerPoint, you can always rely on it to create stunning slides and show your thoughts in a professional manner. However, what you need to worry about is the way you present your hard work.

Albeit PowerPoint being the leading presentation tool of our age, some people do not wish to use Microsoft Office applications, meaning that you could easily run into complications. In this case, you may need ways to be able to show off your presentations even without PowerPoint being installed on the local machine you want to use for display.

However, there is no need to panic - even non-Microsoft users can view and appreciate your presentations if you use the right tools to access them.

Read: What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It?

Admittedly in the past, many complications arose when a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed way attempting to open up a presentation that was made with the Microsoft app, but nowadays, there are many solutions to this problem.

A lot of third-party software offers the ability to view PowerPoint presentations, but they can often lead to disastrous results, displaying your presentation nearly unrecognizable from how it was supposed to look like.

Despite what they say, most of these applications are not entirely compatible with PowerPoint, especially the newer releases - the absence of many new features, transitions, effects, and animations often leads to your presentation looking flawed.

Luckily, Microsoft has developed a solution for this issue, and they called it the PowerPoint Viewer. It is an entirely free-of-charge tool, which allows any computer to display PowerPoint presentations the way they were intended to be viewed.

Although it is not a solution for every problem, as it was developed in 2010 and does not support features added after the release of PowerPoint 2010, you can still quickly acquire it and display your presentations as accurately as possible.

If you did not use any new features such as the Morp transition, every single thing will still stay intact and display properly on the big screen.

If PowerPoint Viewer is not a good enough tool, you have some other options to choose from as well. For example, PowerPoint Online can be used to view presentations if you have a working connection to the internet at the time of viewing to log into your Microsoft account where the presentation is stored.

As a bonus, you can even edit your presentations from it! Windows 10 users can also utilize PowerPoint Mobile which is a PowerPoint reader installed by default onto every single Windows 10 operated computer.

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