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There are thousands of software in the market today. While software is purchased and installed using a CD or DVD, it's clear that digital download is the way to go now. Today, most users who bought software will not be expecting any CDs or DVDs with their purchase. Instead, they will be receiving a download link to install the software via email. Most of the software can be purchased legally and directly from companies who make them, but there are a lot of websites where you can download them for free. Regardless of whether you're downloading and installing free or paid software, the process follows the same basic steps when installing and upgrading software. Follow this foolproof way of downloading and installing software.

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How to Download and Install software

Check the Website Address

Your software download and upgrade would only work if it is the real thing and it came from a legitimate source. Always check the website address before downloading any software. Look for either a lock symbol or an HTTPS at the start of the address. Websites with one or both are deemed secured with an SSL/TLS encryption. This means they have a certificate that verifies the site is authentic. Moreover, sites with an SSL/TLS encryption are also harder to hack.

Before Downloading, Turn on Your Malware and Active Virus Scanners

They are your first line of defense in case your software download turns out to be malware or a file hiding a harmful computer virus. Make sure that you have a reliable malware and virus scanner on your computer. Aside from scanning your files before they're cleared for installation, the malware and virus scanners can prevent harmful files hidden in the software you are trying to download. You can turn on Windows Defender or any in-hardware malware or anti-virus software before downloading. If you don’t have one yet, there are some virus scanners to choose from. Some good ones can be downloaded and used for free, but there are several good products that offer additional protection.

Double Check if the Download Link is the One You Need

A lot of software hosting sites place large advertisements on their download pages that obscure the actual link to be downloaded. This advertising strategy is devised to generate revenue through clicks, banking on people's tendency to just scan the page. More often than not, people will just click on the first download button that they see. This can lead to another software or malware that gets automatically downloaded by mistake. Before you click on any download button, try hovering your mouse over the button. A preview of the actual link will show at the bottom of the browser will be revealed once you hover your cursor over. By then, you can then see whether or not it's the right download link that you need.

Start the Download Process As Administrator

Downloading your software often entails clicking on the link, choosing to open or save, confirming the download, and starting the software installation. If it is an update on an old program, your system will ask to agree to upgrade the software to its latest version. Here’s how you should proceed:

1. Right-click on the link:
Click the download link provided to download the software. If you bought your software from a reputable provider, there is a possibility that you will be getting a hard copy. The hard copy will most likely be a CD or DVD. But today, most software purchases are digital downloads now. After the purchase, you will be given a download link via email. The link is permanently active, which means you can also save another copy of the software as a backup in the event you need to reinstall in the future.
2. Choose Run or Save:
A message window will then appear asking if you want to Run or Save the software file. However, the Run option might not be available on some devices. Saving the file would be the next best thing for you to open or run it later.
3. Confirm Download:
In some operating systems, you might also see another dialog box confirming the download. Just click Yes or No accordingly. Another dialog box will pop up and show the progress of the file download regarding percentage.
4. Run Downloaded File as Administrator:
Once you choose to save the file, you can check the Downloads folder for your software file. In some case, your browser will show the saved file in a Downloads tab.

For Windows devices, you need to run the file as an Administrator. This is so that in effect, you are alerting your operating system that the software you are trying to open or upgrade is safe for your computer or laptop. Digital downloads are shaping up to be the norm when purchasing your software. Not only will this do away with CD and DVD copies of software, but it will also be relatively cheaper, faster, and easier with just a click of the link. But you need to make sure the software you are downloading is a legitimate one and will not pose any harm to your computer or laptop. You should also know how to download and install the software seamlessly and safely to your device.

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