What Are the Top 10 Windows
10 Theme Options? Where
Can I Download Them?

Windows 10 is a great-looking operating system with an excellent color palette that makes it fresh and pleasant to stare at for all those hours you have to be in front of your screen. However, if you’re looking for a change, Windows does offer plenty of different themes to change things up. These themes are more than just changing your desktop picture. They change the colors of your taskbar and windows bar. Some even change the sounds that go with Windows 10 as well. There are lots of options, but they can be hard to find, and difficult to sort through. Use this guide to find your themes and choose the category you’re looking for.

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Finding Themes

Finding all those Windows 10 themes can be a little more troublesome than you’d expect. To find them, start by going to your Settings app. There, go to Personalization. You should now see a Themes option along the menu on the left-hand side. Click there, and then click on the link at the bottom of the screen that says “Get more themes in the Store”. This will take you to the Store where you can download all the custom themes you could want.

Top Themes Categories

Once you are in the Store, you will need to decide what you’re looking for. Here are 10 of the most popular theme categories.

Holiday themes:

Christmas, Thanksgiving, or 4th of July. If you are feeling festive, check for a theme that celebrates the big day.

Season themes:

Different from holidays, get images that remind you of the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Natural wonders:

Enjoy the sights, colors, and sounds of some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations.


Do you love pandas? Cardinals? You can find them all in the Store.


Maybe you want something a little more artistic and inspiring. Get some of the most stunning photos for your theme in the Store.


Alternatively, enjoy themes made from some of the greatest pieces of art ever made.


Do you live for a particular game? Let your theme shout that out to the world.


Excited about an upcoming movie? You can find themes for some of the biggest blockbusters out there.


Enjoy the sights of trees, flowers, and all the glory of nature.


Even if you can’t afford that expensive car, you can still enjoy looking at it every day when you turn on your computer.

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