Unboxing the Windows
Server 2012 R2

The Windows Server 2012 R2 was released in October 18, 2013, was the follow up to the Windows Server 2012 (also called Windows Server 8), which was released in September 2012. Essentially, the R2 is updated, more powerful version of the original Windows Server 2012. For those who aren’t that familiar with the Windows Server programs, the Windows Server family of operating systems is what could be described as Microsoft’s version of the Cloud OS, which enables you to have remote access to servers or files, wherever you may be.

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Windows Server 2012 R2

First we start with setup – In all fairness to Windows, they have always been known to be very user-friendly, and even with this program, Windows stands by that moniker – enabling users to experience the OS just a few minutes after a hassle-free installation. Users are then met with an interface mimicking the Windows 8 – showing Windows pushing forward to change with this newer display to the traditional desktop.

With major updates like this one, people normally assume for a complete overhaul of the previous version, but Windows has decided to take a “why-fix-when-it-if-it’s-not-broken” approach, and pretty much kept the major user experience similar, but adding new and improved little features, and small changes in some vital areas which make the server update even more forceful and efficient operating system.

The operating system’s biggest win probably takes from the fact that the best features to be added to it are features that are normally present for larger scale companies, and making them accessible and usable for smaller businesses and groups. It is a revolutionary step in making the power of information technology available to the common man without necessarily having to break bank. Despite being described as a cloud-operating system, on-premise servers have some upgraded features as well, by major improvements in virtualization and remote access, and by introducing new security features.

Since the operating system is already configured, you just access the “Server Manager” app and it gives you an overview of all active running services from the dashboard. Microsoft’s virtualization platform offers up 64TB dynamic disks that can be resized at any time, and they also offer the Hyper V-Replica, which allows the user to quickly set up a recovery site.

With Windows being the leader in operating systems and information technology, it isn’t really surprising to see what they have come up with, in terms of remote access and virtualization. This revolutionary operating system really begs users to see it and use it, to believe it. Windows is slowly opening the door on its way towards the future.

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