What Is PowerPoint Viewer?
How Can I Use It?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the best known and most widely used presentation software in the world. With PowerPoint, you can create and distribute stunning professional presentations that use a combination of special effects, music, creative text, and other effects that allow you to make presentations for business, school, and sales. Even casual homeowners can make use of PowerPoint to create presentations of vacations, birthday parties, graduations, and other special events you want to remember. The uses for PowerPoint are endless, and once created, users can share their PowerPoint presentations with other.

These days, and for the past decades, PowerPoint is such a popular presentation tool, it is almost ubiquitous. PowerPoint has a lot to offer as a presentation standard and there is no sign that it will be going away anytime soon. This means you will be able to create and distribute your PowerPoint presentations with confidence. Since Microsoft Office is the most widely used office application in the world, chances are good you will never have a problem sharing your PowerPoint presentations with just about anybody. There are some people, however, who don’t use Microsoft Office and don’t have PowerPoint installed on their systems. Does this mean you can’t share your PowerPoint presentations with non-Microsoft users? Absolutely not.

There’s no need to worry about viewing PowerPoint presentations any longer. There are a number of presentation viewers or apps that will let you view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The problem with these viewers is that they will often not view the presentation as it was created. They might substitute fonts or change (or even leave out altogether) certain transitions or effects, rendering your presentation almost unrecognizable from what you created. Never fear, though, because Microsoft has taken this into account. They have created the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer. The PowerPoint Viewer is an app you can use to watch PowerPoint presentations. You can’t use the PowerPoint Viewer to edit or create PowerPoint presentations, but you can use it to open presentations and play presentations whether you own PowerPoint or not. PowerPoint Viewer is a free download from Microsoft. All you have to do is visit the microsoft.com website and download and install the PowerPoint Viewer.

The PowerPoint Viewer can view any version of PowerPoint after 1997. It can view all The viewer doesn’t conflict with any version of PowerPoint. If you have PowerPoint, the actual Powerpoint program will open, not the viewer. If you have PowerPoint, however, there is no need to have the viewer. There are a couple of problems associated with the PowerPoint Viewer. Since it was created for PowerPoint 2010, some features added after 2010 may not work or may be missing entirely. That doesn’t mean the viewer can’t be used for PowerPoint presentations after that. One thing to keep in mind, the current version of the PowerPoint viewer is the last. There are no more updates, and as of 2018, the PowerPoint Viewer is no longer available.

Other ways to view PowerPoint

Fortunately, there are other ways available to view your PowerPoint presentations. First of all, there is now PowerPoint online, which allows you not just to view but to create and edit presentations online for free. All it takes is a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, X Box Live, etc.) to sign in with.

If you are using Windows 10, you also have the option to use PowerPoint Mobile, which is a free PowerPoint reader that is already installed on your computer. Simply go to Cortana and type in PowerPoint Mobile to bring up the program. This program allows you to view presentations but not to edit.

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