What is Windows 10
Movie Maker and
How Can You Use It?

Whether you’re an amateur interested in family videos or a future professional getting your first taste of film editing, Windows Movie Maker has been an essential video editing program. Coming free with most versions of Windows, it has allowed millions to do some basic editing of video. The useful reign of Movie Maker ended as of the beginning of January 2017, when the program was discontinued. However, its replacement, Windows Story Remix, is a vast improvement.

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What is Windows Story Remix?

While Movie Maker was an excellent program for basic video editing needs, it had a number of failings that Story Remix has fixed. Unlike Movie Maker, for instance, Story Remix is available on all your platforms. As a cloud- based program, you can do your editing on your tablet, your phone, or your computer, or all three, depending on which is most convenient at the time.

Story Remix also has far more advanced editing abilities. You can now import 3D models into your movies. Similar to Snapchat, you can use these options to follow people around in your videos. You also have the ability to add soundtracks to your videos using Microsoft’s Groove service. While the program is still meant for only basic editing, it is an excellent introduction to the process with far more features than its predecessor.

How Can You Use It?

Story Remix comes with the Fall 2017 Windows 10 update. It can be found in the Photos app under the two new options in your Photos menu: Video remix and Video project. To begin editing videos, follow these simple steps:

Step #1:

Open Photos

Step #2:

Click Create in the top right corner

Step #3:

Click Video remix or Video project depending on which function you prefer his depends on if you want to simply have Photos create the video for you, or if you want to do the editing yourself. If you select remix, Photos will add transitions and do other editing for you. To do this yourself, click Video project.

Step #4:

Select the video or image you want to edit, then click Add

Step #5:

Give the project a name

Step #6:

Click Create video At this point, Photos will scan in the video and you can begin the editing process (if you choose the Video project option.

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